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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hello Everyone,

Bazaar Games is going to be hosting a weekly Thursday Night (6.30pm Doors Open) Commander League at the Watford Social Club in Watford.

Entry Fee:

Includes weekly prizes of chase foils and packs for the winner of each pod, monthly prizes of Legendary Foils, and the chance to win unique prize every quarter (see below).

Venue Address:

Watford Social Club
70-72 Queens Road
WD17 2LA

Tournament Organizers:

Matthew Barnes
Daniel Harborne

For those who don't know, Commander (Previously Elder Dragon Highlander.) is a 100 card Singleton format. The rules in-depth can be found at:

The aim of our League is to get players together to cast spells in one of the best loved, community created formats in Magic history. We will be playing with a points system, intended to reward players for feats they complete inside the game as well as the overall outcome.

The evening consists of pods of four players,(Can be bigger or smaller if necessary.) with players earning points throughout the game for achieving certain game states and losing points for doing things that could be considered unfun for the rest of the table. (Destroying everyone's lands, for example.) There will be static points that will stay on the points system every month, as well as ones that rotate. The rotation allows players to build around the point system as they are announced each month, giving deck builders a chance to shine!

To check the next months points rotation, you can find them on our website at: or at the tournament itself.

There will be a prize for the most points from that pod(A prize foil and a pack). A prize for the current leader in points at the end of each month(A foil Legendary Creature, dibs on the Zur the Enchanter). Lastly there will be prizes for the top three players at the end of the year(Their general commissioned to be painted, full art.).

Itching to try this format but don't think you've got enough individual cards to make a deck? Well you could purchase one of the five different pre-constructed Commander decks from our store either online or at the venue itself. Each of the decks contains a How to Play Magic guide, an insert on the rules of Commander, 3 over sized foil General cards, as well as their smaller counterparts, contained in a 100 card deck. These are built and ready to break out of the box and join in a game!

We are also starting a weekly draft and constructed events at the Watford Social Club.

Come down to the Watford Social Club at 6:30pm every Thursday for Magic: the Gathering Commander!

If you have any questions or queries, email me back at



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why you have to be so far this need to be hosted at the games club to. =]


wood love to go but just to far for me.

Is it too far? Its just a jump on the Metropolitan Line. :)
I used to live in Watford - the train from Euston to Watford is fairly quick I seem to remember. I might pop along to this occasionally if I have the time (probably this one over the drafting night for the time being)

Just so everyone knows, we will be moving to the Watford Social Club as our venue from the 8th of August. Additionally the 'Doors Open' time changes form 7:30 to 6:30.

The new venue is more comfortable, closer to public transport and we are able to run the tournaments earlier.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!



(This Thursday, 4th of August 2011, will be held at the Meriden.)

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