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anyone we know?

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tom baker, paul young, pepe, trader mike, andrew buchanan, me and 2 others top 8. pepe and some dude that beat tom in the semis got the byes :(
His name was Chi, but it was only a nickname. He got to day 2 at Grand Prix: Athens last time he got 3 byes. Now you know everything I know.
his name is actually Chi D'alvares...
ok now i know.
also that guy who played and conceded to pepe was cheeky. if he knew he couldnt have gone he should have given someone else a chance who can go - like kieran (who finished 9th)
Good to see The Games Club well represented in the top 8. Unlucky Tom, but with all these Top 8s you are going from strength to strength!
Yes amar, but ive played t8 of events just to concede to friends in later rounds. Its just something that happens, if hes pepe's friends bu no kierans he may asweel maximise Pepe's chance of byes by playing and conceding.
And free draft.
Chi is one of the regular tuesday night round robin crowd, so really it's all :)

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