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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hey guys - aimed at those that are still in Rome till Monday

Is anyone interested in coming to Roma v Bari at the stadio olimpico on Sunday night kickoff 830.

Tickets seem pretty reasonable at €20/30 by sun we'll be bored shitless with magic, the venue shuts at 6 on Sunday, the stadium is pretty easy to get to by public transport, and although the matchup is not Milan v juve the atmosphere and the stadium will be worth the trip - especially as a team outing with a few beers/Pinot blancos etc

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I am actually vaguely interested in this but I was booking Monday as my non-Magic day as I'm not flying back 'til late.

And I think I am actually Magic nerd enough to actually want to play for four days.

It's a 72,698 capacity venue and their average attendance is less than 40,000 for the last 4 years so I guess we can play it by ear and get tickets on the gate if we want?

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