Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

My board: Knight-Captain of Eos, 2 Soldier Tokens

His board: Algae Gharial with 2 counters, Sprouting Thrinax

My opponent casts Jund Charm. I have Volcanic Fallout in hand and the mana up to cast it.

Is there any way to make sure the Gharial dies? Either way, what's the best play?

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Let Jund Charm resolve, Knight-Captain + dorks go to the graveyard as an SBE, three Algae Gharial triggers go on the stack. Play Volcanic Fallout. Volcanic Fallout resolves, Algae Gharial and Sprouting Thrinax are put into the graveyard as an SBE. Sprouting Thrinax trigger is put onto the stack, resolves, three Saprolings generated. A bunch of Algae Gharial triggers resolve and don't do anything.
Thanks Tom. I don't know why this confused me last night. Your explanation is crystal.

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