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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

At the Milton Keynes GPT on sunday I met Nicolo's friend John who alters magic cards. Being a bit of an EDH fiend I comissioned a few cards from him. Nicolo has just sent me these scans and they are simply stunning. I wanted to highlight his work to you guys as this is the best card altering I have seen. If any of you are considering getting this done don't bother with any of the wannabe's on eBay, John can do a much better job. Here are the scans:

Here is a link to some more of his work (The Ajani Goldmane in particular is outstanding)

I don't have his contact details on me, but get in touch with Nicolo (his manager) for more info.

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nice one tiff i like this one a lot more than the previous one :D
Thanks - yeah, it's much less awful. :-P
I dunno what you're on about Tiff, those are just fine!

Will post some pics of my PIMP cards when the next two come in the post. :)

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