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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Bazaar of Moxon Trials - LEGACY & VINTAGE - 11th March

Format = Legacy and Vintage

Sunday 11th March
The Three Daws
6 Town Pier
DA11 0BJ

Cost = £10

£12 Innistrad Block Booster drafts.

Doors open 10am

Legacy to start at 11 am
Vintage to start at approximately 2 pm depending on the progress of the Legacy event.

Legacy Players - Click here to confirm your attendance on Facebook.
Vintage Players - Click here to confirm your attendance on Facebook

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Sunday = :(

i'll [tentatively] be driving to this if anyone else is game (and will lend me a few Wastelands lol)

I can lend wastelands in exchange for a lift, lol. :)

There is free parking opposite the venue... if that persuades you :D

Glen, is there a travel award with this win, or just the byes?

Prizes are always dependent on turn out.  I only ever advertise boosters and byes for the BoM trials because I don't want anyone to get their hopes up (2 boosters per player btw).  However, if there are enough players, I will definitely look at a travel award.  And as I know you Crispin, your next question is... How many players before I would consider giving a travel award? :D  Well, that's not an exact science but we'd need approximately 15 players to break even on the venue costs so any above that I could start making that portion of the entrance fee a travel award.

That seems to be a nice sensible answer. :)

Basically, if I'm getting a lift (Hi Phil) then the afternoon is worth it for the fun alone, but if I'm not, I'd want more enticement to come. Of course, seeing you, Glen, is almost enticement itself!  

heh, as i'm sure others can attest, i am not very good at planning things this far in advance (4 weeks away? that's basically the distant future). assuming i'm going though i'm cool to drive people (can you make your way to somewhere vaguely near me crispin on the day crispin?). i would imagine nathan will be game for this as well :D

Where is near you? Souf London, or sommink, innit?! :)

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