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Hello, I have decided to brew a rakdos control deck and I want to know what people think.

Ok here it is:

2 murder
3 rakdos returns
4 sign in blood
3 ultimate price
4 duress
4 liliana of the veil
4 mutilate
4 vampire nighthawk
4 dreadbore
2 underworld connections
3 desecration demon

4 blood crypt
4 dragon skull summit
2 rakdos guildgate
13 swamp

The metagame here is simple. Thragtusk, mainly selesnya or jund so I wanted a deck that was good against creature decks. What do people think.

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Maindeck Rakdos Return seems bad as you only want it against control.


Is Liliana good enough? Havent played it enough to know. Seems good against control and Reanimator but probably not what you want against aggro.


Is Desecration Demon and some nighthawks enough ways to win?


Seems like this deck is built to face control decks rather than creature decks.  Duress maindeck seems just wrong.

My reasoning was that I wanted to play all my spells but I didn't want my opponent to play his. That's why i'm runnig the discard package. To be honest I want to run the 4th desecration demon.

Against aggro I have quite a few ways to kill stuff I can load the board with more anti creature stuff.

I want to test it before deciding to change it. I had some other clunkier stuff at first but I like the look of this. Need to get a good sideboard together!

Is Chandra still legal? Could be good.

Chandra is legal just not very good.

You dont like double removal spell/double Duress/double Rakdos Return or double Sign in Blood?

No because you generally don't need it. Once you cast RR once you generally cripple your opponents hand anyway. I mean I could always test it.

Ok so mabe overkill with RR, but the other options seem good.


Could be rubbish but I would try 2 and see how they go.

What about sideboard? I have 4 slaughter games already.

Pithing needle


Pillar of Flame

Mizzium Mortars

More Sac effects


I would rather play rakdos charm than cremate, mortars are cool though and pillar seems awesome. I could run either tribute to hunger or barter in blood.

Yeah barter in blood is good, forgot about the charm.


Cant think of anymore off the top of my head.


What I try and do is build a deck for each match so that it should crush that match up. Then I pull out the Sideboard only cards and try to make a main deck with whats left. The more versions it shows up in the more important that card is.


Its not a perfect system but it helps.


Does that make sense?

Yeah that makes sense, I know what you mean. I kinda think that way too especially when you can't actually do hours and hours of testing.

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