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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Elspeth seems incredibly strong, but what else is catching peoples eyes?
The gods seem quite weak as getting devotion will be a lot harder than constructed obviously.
Omenspeaker looks nice if blue starts to fall behind aggressive decks.
The two new walkers seem ok. Not super powerful as they look like they need some build around strategy, but it's nice to have another gruul card as they are far and few between.

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Hero's whatever it's called, "Destroy target creature or planeswalker" should be versatile enough for my 720 list.  Haven't thought too much more about it yet though.  Make sure to get your list up on Cube Tutor ;)

archon of "hi i'm broken with recurring nightmare" looks like a decent addition to my kind of decks. also the 1UW bloke looks reasonable... (only had a very brief look at some spoilers, I'm sure that there will be others worth trying)

Curse of swine seems quite strong, unconditional removal in blue. 

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