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Darksphere Cube Masters Series I (Nov 26 2011)

I'm very happy to announce that DarkSphere will be hosting the first ever 'Cube Masters Series' in London this coming November 26th!

The finals of the event will be filmed and reported on MTGSalvation and other forums.

All are welcome to attend the event for trading, spectating and casual gaming at a small facility charge of £1.


Event Details


Name: DarkSphere Cube Masters Series I

Date: Saturday November 26th 2011 (time TBC)

Venue: DarkSphere Store (57 York Road,  SE1 7NJ)

Format: 360 powered all-set cube draft

Structure: 3 round draft followed by a 90 card Winston Draft for Semifinals & finals

Prize support: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (and all players will receive a participation prize)


Confirmed players for this event are:

Phil D




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This is going to be so sweet!

Agreed, literally can't wait!

Thom Richardson said:

This is going to be so sweet!

Warren great work on getting this organised!

Agree with everything here. Warren, you are a legend!

Brilliant. Is the price still £1 or has it gone to £10 for the prizes?

TBC - but I can assure you entry fee won't be anywhere near £10.


Louis Mackie said:

Brilliant. Is the price still £1 or has it gone to £10 for the prizes?

The £1 is the standard gaming fee, any on top of that will be to cover prize pool only. We're very chuffed to host this event, and we hope to see as many of you as possible!

This makes me happy.


Who is filming if Warren is playing?  If you have a dedicated film person still photos of the pools and even the decks would be awesome.


Very interested to see what happens!


Awesome :)

James is this the same day as your band supporting Havok?

Nah, That gig is on the 30th so don't worry about that.

Wasn't worrying... had kinda hoped it would be a group exodus to your gig after the cube!

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