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I have a new cube I'm working up.

I want to post about it somewhere.

Should I post it here, which is a bit quiet of late?

Should we create a new Demonic Tutor Facebook group? And add everyone?

Should I create a new "people who give a toss about my new cube" Facebook group? And add people I think might care?

Should I just post it to my wall and people who don't like Magic can skip it when it turns up in their feed?

Not sure how to proceed. What do you guys think?

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I think the same thing that I thought when you made this website in the first place :)

Put it everywhere?

Maybe try facebook group. Harder to get any passing trade that way, but I think you will get more interaction as everyone has fb on their phone.

What did you think when I made this website in the first place Rob?! Us old people don't have good memories like you young 'uns!

I created an MTGO Cube and Set Creation group. Join it, or let me know if you want me to join you to it.

Not sure if that is the right plan but it's an experiment for now.

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