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I felt this was a big enough feature to announce it on a new thread.  Draft cubes here:

Ben's Cube:
Simon's Cube:
Tom's Cube:
Kieran's Cube:

You can pick cards and you'll see them on the right as you do so.  You're actually playing againt 7 bot drafters who basically just force two colours each and take the occasional artifact/land.  Each colour will be drafted by at most 3 bot drafters so it kinda mimics what should end up happening in a real draft.  They pick at random a card from their colours.

As usual only minimal testing has been performed, please do report any bugs and let me know what you think!

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Big update time guys.

- Each cube now has a forum.  It's fairly simple, no complex features like replies, smilies, pictures or HTML but it works!  I have posted a couple of topics on my cube.  Please check it out and drop me some replies.
- You can now set a description for your Cube (see the blog page).  Hopefully this is intuitive enough to warrant no explanation.
- Cube Index has moved to the top and is visible on every page.  Hover over Cube Index and the list of cubes drops down.  This approach isn't really scalable (what happens when there are 50 cubes on Cube Tutor).  Let me know if you have a better idea of how I can display this.
- Cube Summary - coming soon.  I like the idea of a quick summary on the home page showing you a few key attributes about the cards (vintage, powered, standard, tribal, pimped, creature based…) in the list.  I haven't been able to come up with many, so suggestions on other summary items are welcome.

I'm thinking that I will try to get this in wider circulation soon.  I want to put together a promo video and put it out there to a few key figures in the cube community.  I've noted down all the feature suggestions (advanced search for example), but probably won't add any more features before this "launch".  Instead I'm looking to optimise and resolve any bugs.  For example I will introduce paging to the blog page and forum to decrease page load times.  I will hopefully look at making the Edit Cube page Ajax-y etc.  

- Some kinda autocard (card names show image on hover, or similar) would be good for your forum posts.

- re: Cube index - perhaps in the nav show most recent/top rated 5 then a link to "see all cubes" page which has some sorting options? Cube owners leave an image + 1 line description + name for their cube to use here?

Both great suggestions Dan :)

The cube index keeps coming up on the screen every time I move to another page - I then have to hover over the button until it goes away!

looking good Ben!

Kieran - clear your cache, Ctrl-Shift-R in Firefox,  otherwise just google it.

Cheers Phil!

You need to allow more than one line on the replies in the forums. I wanted to post a list of things but pressing enter makes it update. I did clear my cache, though, so that isn't the problem any more!

Shift-Enter should give you a new line on the reply. 

multi lining comments now works properly.

Cube Summary is now fully hooked up, so people can see at a glance some high level properties of each cube.  Check it out on the right hand side of the blog page.

I would welcome any suggestions for additional cube properties.  The current list is:

Eternal, Modern, Standard

Small, Medium, Large,

Powered, Pauper, Peasant, Budget

Soon to add: Pimped.

I made a 2 min promo video :D

Real nice Ben! :)

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