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I felt this was a big enough feature to announce it on a new thread.  Draft cubes here:

Ben's Cube:
Simon's Cube:
Tom's Cube:
Kieran's Cube:

You can pick cards and you'll see them on the right as you do so.  You're actually playing againt 7 bot drafters who basically just force two colours each and take the occasional artifact/land.  Each colour will be drafted by at most 3 bot drafters so it kinda mimics what should end up happening in a real draft.  They pick at random a card from their colours.

As usual only minimal testing has been performed, please do report any bugs and let me know what you think!

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Are multiples of a single card permitted on cube tutor cubes? :P

Daniel Royde said:

This just got advertised by Bertoncheaty!

From my dev blog:

Released : Upheaval 1.0

I’m calling this release Upheaval 1.0 because it delivers everything except custom categorisation. I felt that I’d made a significant number of changes and wanted to get them out there in the wild and tested before adding anything else.

Change Log
New Features:

- Rewrote the Edit Cube from the ground up. It now has paging, sorting and onChange submission (with a nice little ‘Saving..’ popup whenever you make a change). So no more clicking that OK button. I’ve had to remove the tag list for the time being. I’m thinking of reworking the concept of tagging a little bit. Filtering coming soon…

- Multiple copies of cards are now properly supported. This means no more disappearing cards on the Edit Cube page, full draft functionality and draft analysis.

- You can now add additional cubes to your account through My Account. When you have multiple cubes you’ll see a drop down under the ‘My Cube’ menu item.

Bug Fixes:

- Pacts, Suspend Cards and Split cards are now properly categorised into the correct colour & CMC sections.

- Bulk Upload button is now visible for re-uploading.

Technical Changes:

- Fixed broken YUICompressor that was causing a lot of unecessary exceptions.

- Upgraded Tapestry to 5.3.6

Hey, just spotted this, excellent work Ben - been thinking about doing similar in the back of my head for a couple years but never summoned up the willpower.

I'll pop my own cube on there when I get my cards out of storage and finish it off  ;)

Cheers Russ!  Yeah it's really getting some traction now.  I'm basically spending all of my free time working on the barrage of feature requests that have been sent my way in the last week!

Learning to say no to enhancement requests is a very valuable skill ;)

That being said, have you got any plans to put a recent activity summary on the home page? When I'm being nosy about people's cubes I'm finding it hard to identify which ones are being actively worked on.

Yeah you certainly have to be pragmatic about it.  So far I've only worked on things that I've always known needed to be added (Ajax on edit cube page, multiple card support, multi cube per account support, advanced search...).  Human drafting is a way off yet!

The home page idea has gathered a lot of traction recently.  I've had a number of emails and requests on MTGSalvation for it, so it will probably be the headline feature for my next release after Upheaval is out the door.

Multi cube per account???  I need to know these things!  Off to add some cubes ...

Balls, I can't work out how to add a second!

Hey Tom.. Go to My Account!

From my dev blog:

Released: Upheaval 2.0

Before reading anything else, please clear your browser cache! There were a lot of CSS changes in this release and things won’t look right if you have the old version:

Change Log
New Features

- Advanced Search/Filtering feature on the edit cube page. You can combine any number of search criteria to filter your cube list.

- Custom overrides of colour profile, super type and converted mana cost. So you can tell Cube Tutor that Tundra is an Azorius card and it will be treated as such on the View Cube page, when draft bots pick it, on the analysis page, filtering on the edit cube page and ordering of suggested replacement cards.

- All sections are now numbered on the View Cube Page.

- View List and Edit List pages are separated when logged in.

Bug Fixes

- Should get less “something went wrong errors” on the draft page.

- Fixed an edge case where it was possible for two threads to share a DB connection under high load.

Awesome have added Graveyard Cube and Teachings Cube.

Stats page needs types and subtypes and so on ... "hmm, how many zombies are there in my cube?" and "hmm, how many green 2 drops do I have?" :)

Add unix timestamp of last release to querystring of css to avoid needing to tell us to refresh next time :)

Extra request - persistent login!

Russ just sent me a facebook PM with the same remark about a timestamp query param, and it is a method I would normally use!  Unfortunately the way I've chosen to manage my JS/CSS through Tapestry isn't conducive to that approach as the filenames are defined in an annotation.  I'm either going to decorate the annotation or use a filter to sort it out - definitely needs doing!

Thanks for the additional ideas Tom :)  Let me know how you get on managing multiple cubes.

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