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Thanks Jason!

You will earn a WPN Promo card if you reach 10 wins + matches played. So if you play everyone and muster up a single win you will get a card. If you play 5 matches and win them all you will also get a card. If you can somehow play 10 matches and win them all then you can get two ... I guess that will have to wait for Season Two.

I'm really not sure what the cards are - possibly Rise from the Grave and Mind Control?? Hopefully we will be able to do this with each season of the league.

Booster prizes remain as before.

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My deck choice was poor and is out classed. Not fun!
Are we going to have to change our lists when Lorwyn rotates out?
I believe the season ends before then.

Ben Titmarsh said:
Are we going to have to change our lists when Lorwyn rotates out?
The next constructed format is Extended for PT San Juan starting 02/01/2010

When does the next set after Zendikar get released?

I will be up for an extended league!
The current season ends on Sept 11th (two weeks on Friday). After that we'll have another season. It will almost certainly be Standard not Extended because we won't have Zendikar to make a relevant Extended until the prerelease on the 26th. I suppose it could be Legacy or Vintage on the basis that Standard isn't that relevant either. Or we could run more than one league for different formats. Or some kind of combined league. We'll see what people are keen to do. More than anything I'm interested to see how Season One plays out and how successful it is.
combined league is an awesome idea.

i play my legacy against your block deck :p

but seriously a non standard league would be a good idea
I believe one of the founding principles of the DT League Championship was to improve our collective performance in constructed events. Surely whatever the current ptq format, nate qualifiers, nationals formats etc indicate what the ideal format should be. Without an indicator surely standard is the most widely played, inclusive and useful format to play.
Also amar do u even have enough people to fill a legacy league?
prob not therefore i guess it is just a pipedream (legacy)

but the next league should be extended (post zendikar). although worldwake is released in january in the begining of the season we will still have a good idea of what decks are good even if worldwake gives us a revolutionary new deck
There's nothing stopping us running a Legacy league alongside a Standard league, or any combination of formats.

Remember we allow unlimited proxies and I have four printers.

I'd like to try Legacy at some point.
shall we do a legacy league?
how many ppl do we need?
My vote will be for extended. Although no constructed league will be useful practice for anything in Sept- Nov since the ptqs will be limited.
I wouldn't mind playing a Legacy league!

Amar Dattani said:
shall we do a legacy league?
how many ppl do we need?

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