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Fetches, original + rav duals?
Make all of your lands 5-colour lands?
Fetches, duals, base green w/ land type ramp effects like farseek and skyshroud claim to be extra sure.

play the following mana base:

20 forest

20 plains

20 mountain

20 swamp

19 islands


chance of drawing each card in your opening hand:

1/5 per card (a little less for island)


so with 7 cards... that would be a 7/5 chance per card in opening hand (or a little over 1 each time... so sometimes you will get 1, and sometimes 2)

by turn 5 you will have seen 12 cards, so 12/5, you are guarenteed to hit all your colours


halve the number of each card played in your deck, will reduce the probability by half:

so, a 6/5 chance of seeing each basic land by turn 5


10 lands: 6/5

9 lands: 5.4/5

8 lands: 4.8/5


this means that a mana base of:

8 islands/mountains/swamps/forests/plains

has a 96% chance of seeing all 5 lands out on turn 5


whilst if you play 9 of each type, that will give you a 104% chance, or a 4% chance more than certain


go with 9 of each type, to be safe....

or alternate between 9 and 8 every game (a little more fiddly, but the actual optimal configuration)

Bravo Sir!

Hahaha!  AdditionalI constraints: I have to play all 35(?) legal Commander cards with WUBRG on them and I also want to win, at least sometimes !

Pentad prism should probably be in there- T3 bringers in limited!


If you have all these cards then i'm pretty sure 10 fetches, 10 rev duals, 10 rav duals and 10 filters will get you there!  However, I don't have the maths to back it up!
Also, loving this idea for an EDH deck, good work Tom!
play cards like Coalition Relic and the signets. While artifact mana is more fragile, it definitely helps you get there.
I rejected things like Mana Cylix and Pentad Prism and Mox Diamond that either fix me but do not accelerate me, or cause card disadvantage.

That leaves me with the following options:

Artifact Accelerators
* Coalition Relic
* Darksteel Ingot
* Mana Prism
* Prismatic Lens

Creature Accelerators
* Alloy Myr
* Birds of Paradise
* Elvish Harbinger + Momir Vig, Simic Visionary (have to have a good elf to harbing for)
* Gemhide Sliver
* Lotus Cobra
* Scuttle Mutt
* Utopia Tree

* Chromatic Sphere
* Barbed Sextant
* Chromatic Star
* Prophetic Prism

Pain/Other drawbacks
* Phyrexian Lens
* Vesper Ghoul
* City of Brass
* Forbidden Orchard
* Ancient Ziggurat
* Grand Colliseum

Good Lands
* Pillar of the Paruns
* Rupture Spire
* Vivid Crag
* Vivid Creek
* Vivd Grove
* Vivid Marsh
* Vivid Meadow
* Fetches + Duals

Not So Good Lands
* Mirrodin's Core
* Shimmering Grotto
* Reflecting Pool

I'll probably play the four artifact accelerators and the "good lands". All the rest I'm really not sure about. Perhaps I should go 10 fetches + 10 duals + 10 rav duals for lands so that I can include "domain" spells as well as those with WUBRG in cost or activation? That might be the way to go, themewise.
Wow, Domain spells are terrible. I honestly think Wandering Goblins might be the best one. Jeez. Scratch that part of the plan.

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