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I run a Fantasy Football game.  It's very good.  A lot of folks on here already play it.  But if you don't and you would like to play this season please let me know by commenting here or emailing


It's Premiership-based and has player auctions where you bid for the players you want.  There isn't infinite Frank Lampards - he can only play for one team in your division.  This adds an element that isn't present in most fantasy football games.


There's also the Cup, the World Cup, monthly transfer auctions, a cross-division "Games Club" table on which you can appear and a few other nice features.


All are welcome.






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I will give this a go,



This is easy better than the sky sports, the sun, etc ones.


Enjoyed it greatly last 2 years!

I'm in
Yes I would also like to play.
me too

Pete you already play!  You just got promoted!


If I need to update your email address let me know!


I would like to play please.



I'm definitely in again this year, especially after getting promoted alongside my old arch-nemesis Mr Dun. 


So close Kieran... so close!

One day I'll actually work out that I need to make high bids for good players. As it is, I'm the Arsenal of the Games Club league, spending almost no money on players and consequently never winning anything. Probably due to severe psychological trauma over seeing what happens to teams that recklessly overspend. I do support Leeds after all....

Ben Titmarsh said:


So close Kieran... so close!
Ben: last season I had torres for 1/3 of my transfer budget, this season I had lampard. Both were injured for whole season... I'm tempted to pick someone from Arsenal/Liverpool this season to continue the curse and help spurs get 4th ;)

oh, I already know... I was just... advertising my presence to encourage others to play too ;)


Thomas David Baker said:

Pete you already play!  You just got promoted!


If I need to update your email address let me know!


there doesn't seem to be a countdown for first round of bidding... any help for deadlines?

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