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I run a Fantasy Football game.  It's very good.  A lot of folks on here already play it.  But if you don't and you would like to play this season please let me know by commenting here or emailing


It's Premiership-based and has player auctions where you bid for the players you want.  There isn't infinite Frank Lampards - he can only play for one team in your division.  This adds an element that isn't present in most fantasy football games.


There's also the Cup, the World Cup, monthly transfer auctions, a cross-division "Games Club" table on which you can appear and a few other nice features.


All are welcome.






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Time Left 3 days, 19 hours, 51 mins
Deadline 2011-08-05 12:00


Rule Number 1: ALWAYS bid on two goalkeepers

Rule Number 2: Never assume your opponents will not outbid you

Rule Number 3: Never assume you can outgame the people you are bidding against


Thought Process

16m on Joe Hart, NOONE will bid more than that, I mean come on, he's a goalkeeper, I don't need to bid a security bid on someone like paul robinson, lets put this cheeky 500,000 bid on torres, noone will bid for him



Someone bids 20m for Joe Hart :(

Someone bids for Torres, but NOONE for Suarez....

No GK, the rest of the team is fantastic, now have to bid 16m on Robinson....



Pete you could have it worse.. I got FOUR players!

As I never tire of repeating, Div 1 has been won by a team that got four players in the first round of bidding.


(It was me :D)


haha, I note that joe hart went for 27.5m in div 1, so I probably heavily underbid... just annoyed I didn't follow my OWN RULES....
to be fair though, I have bid on a lot of injured players who I thought would not be bid on in r1 (yaya toure, gerrard, holden, hernandez) so I only have like 7 fit players

So guess u won't be happy about my 5m getting him.


My team seems to have got all the big names I wanted, Hart, Terry, Vidic, Bale, Rooney and Torres.


we're in different leagues :(

I think I fucked up hugely by buying berbatov based on last years points, when apparently they're gonna sell him. *sigh*


J Reina, Hangeland, Sagna, J Barton, Malouda, M Rodriguez, Berbatov, Torres.


Apparently my team is "high variance" thus far...

barton is an interesting one if they sell him to man utd...


I like the spine of your team a lot though... sagna/reina/torres are all worth points (a bit upset about torres, thought you got him for a steal at 5m, if you didn't bid I could have got him for basically nothing :P)

Yea he saw little play last year so was quite a risk based on that, but the bookies have him as a good chance of making top 4 scorers so thought he was worthwhile. 


Also apparently i bought the wrong rodriguez, *sigh*

got 14 players in the first draft as I was picking up some under the radar players, the only reason I didn't win our league last year was lack of goalscorers, I fear the same this year.

Also see that I am in the same league as magic legends:

Steve Bernstein

Simon O'keeffe

Jason Howlett

Richard Nunn

Keiran Symington

Ray Watt


you are all my bitches

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