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So I just logged in to MODO and noticed I've been given Premium Deck Series : Slivers and a foil Shards block booster.  I asked an ORC about it and he was being quite guarded, just saying "details about what was given out will be released later.  Its for the 10th anniversary celebrations".

What did you guys get?

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Foil Alara Block pack, Premium Decks Slivers, Graveborn, Fire & Lightning. The account I made for the SCG spec contest thing got I think just the foil pack - it seems to be based on age of the account in some way.

Yea, I got foil ARB pack, and a slivers, plus an unhinged land and some other promo

hmm, have had my account for a *long* time, wonder what I'll get

Oh cool, I got an unhinged land too, and maybe a promo.. no idea which ones I had before!

I've had my account for a long time too. need to check this out.

Crikey, these unhinged lands fetch $5-$8 on MODO!

I have one I never use. I wonder if that will get me anything...

I haven't logged on for about a year, might have to check that one out


Selling that then!

Ben Titmarsh said:

Crikey, these unhinged lands fetch $5-$8 on MODO!

It might be worth hanging on to things for a bit - everyone is selling right now and the bottom has dropped out of the market for everything that was given away.

I got Premium deck series: Fire and lightning
7 foil lands (2 Unhinged)

Foil Ancient Ziggurat

Textless foil incinerate

And a Warmonger

Not bad...



Some of those things were not part of the 10th Anniversary stuff. I guess they are just regular player rewards:

I got everything, which makes sense as my MTGO account is almost as old as MTGO.

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