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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

2-0 after two rounds.

Victories over Kenji Hamamoto (Grand Prix Kobe Top 8) and Jonathan Loucks (inventor of "Kiki Mite Get There" from last season Extended).

Next up is Helmut Summersberger - Winner of Grand Prix Lille in 2005, and other things before that I think.

Go Geoff!

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Won that one 2-1 to go 3-0.

He's playing Calosso Fuentes next on table 14.

46 players from ~400 have 3-0 records going into Round 4.
Geoff said he was gona run Sigil Captain and things like flurry of wings, not sure whether he actully has or not..
Where are you following this coverage?
Booo. 4-0 to 4-4. Gutted.

Who would have thought that the draft would be bad for Geoff?

He finished ahead of Aaron Nicastri, Sam Black and Jon Finkel amongst others but he must be disappointed after that great start.

Next time!
Douglas Penman of England made Day 2. Do we know who that is?
I went to school with a guy called Douglas Penman, he was a right twat. He got his come-uppence though when at a party someone found a video he made of himself masturbating on his pc, and then printed out pictures and stuck them up all over the common room the following Monday.

I don't think it's the same guy, however.

Thomas David Baker said:
Douglas Penman of England made Day 2. Do we know who that is?
Report on Geoff's Round Two match contained in this article by Jonathan Loucks:

Round Two
Geoff Fletcher, Bant (with Ancient Ziggurat and Bloodbraid Elf)

He played Daunless Escort into Jenara into Battlegrace Angel. I didn’t see a Maelstrom Pulse, so that was game one.

In game two I get double Sprouting Thrinax to hold off his Rhox War Monk. I get a Madrush Cyclops to stick, which allowed Broodmate Dragon to easily win the game.

In the final game he accelerated a Bloodbraid Elf into play, which hit Behomoth Sledge. Yikes! My hand was pretty clunky this game, so I didn’t stand much of a chance. I terminated the Bloodbraid Elf and used Maelstrom Pulse on his Rafiq of the Many, but I was pretty sure his Sledge was going to do me in. That was until he cast…wait for it…Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund! Nice Ancient Ziggurat. Turns out this guy is a 7/7 haste even if he doesn’t steal something.

Love the sideboard Karrthus.

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