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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Heya guys I don't know if there is a thread for this or not. 

The event is on the 1st of september, alongside a GPT for Bochum (sealed), the Lyon GPT is Modern. Will anyone be going who can lend me a modern deck? Ideally I'd play list posted below. Cheers peeps xxxxxxxx

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Spicy list, I've got most of the main deck except snapcasters and river of tears. I'll probably be playing gifts tron so should be able to sort you out if you can get those?

Heya Paul!

I have snappies and can defo pick up some sad rivers, what's the sideboard situation? I don't mind buying/ looking elsewhere for some of the other stuff if needed.

Love you xxxxx

spicy indeed

Board wise I have:


will be using my other engines & my timelys in tron I would expect, they just destroy creature aggro decks & burn. Only have 1 clique unfortunately, the rest should be fairly easy to pick up I would guess. I'll have a rifle through my stuff on the weekend and collate it all.


Also - may not have all the WB fetches, pretty certain I've got 2 and may have another 2 in edh decks somewhere

you should probably play at least 1 talon trooper 

This list looks like it durdles quite a bit - you should prob test before commiting to playing it,  I just dont think it's powerful enough (yes, yes i know it has 4 Mystical Teachings...)

I think you should enter this event with Talon Trooper.dec

ross miles said:

you should probably play at least 1 talon trooper 

Haha yeah I will try and test but don't really have time or a group. This list came 13th at GP Columbus so I figure I can do ok with it, though I am certainly less of a master than the guy who played it. I don't really like the aggro decks in modern, and storm seems to have done quite badly at Columbus.

It's just that this seems like a bad gifts deck. Gifts is a stronger card and can be more versatile. Sometimes it just wins on the spot (by going for unburial rites plus fattie) or can get you what you need to win.

Yeah I guess the list seems pretty bad, but I like gifts and since this list did ok in a major event I figure it must be acceptable. 

I don't think I'll play it though, been playing storm online and pretty comfortable with it so would rather play that, but again I own none of it. I can probably get most of it but 3x misty 4x tarn and 1x steam vents is a pain. If anyone could lend me those that would be sweeeet ;-)

Should have all those lands but can't commit to not be using them this far in advance. If I'm not you can use them

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