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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Some lifetime sanctioned match records for me:

Steve Bernstein 5-5-1

Rebecca Bonfield 5-4

Martin Cullarn 4-5

Amar Dattani 4-5

Martin Dingler 5-2

Peter Dun 1-6

Geoff Fletcher 3-5

Charlie Grover 1-5

Bao Ho 2-9

Gary Lynch 7-7

Ross Miles 8-13

Jason Payne 7-2

Tom Reeve 2-5

Joseph Saxton 6-2

Kieran Symington 11-6

Andrew Tan 5-2

Ben Titmarsh 3-6-1

Raymond Wat 8-4

Wei Xu 0-8

If people care I'll put up an app to calculate these for you.

In your face Symington.

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I don't think we've played that many sanctioned matches
I meant your head-to-heads! Not mine v you :)

Is this easy to do?

It's a shame it doesn't count the time I beat you with you drawing two extra cards a turn, Tom.

Yeah Gary it's pretty easy.

I don't have it in a nice automated tool but if you have the full text of your PWPs history page email it to me and I'll do it for you.

You can use these instructions for getting the full text of your PWPs history page:

Joseph - I'll treat your bitter remark with the contempt I reserve for opponents over whom I have a 6-2 winning record :)

Jim - We are at 3-3 in our sanctioned matches.

So notable ones for me:

Rebecca Bonfield 6-2-1
Martin Dingler 50-39-1
Nicholas Lovett 26-14-1
Kieran Symington 5-3
James Mills 4-2-1
Peter Dunn 0-4
Thomas Baker 1-0

These are just from the Xamleeg site, so I don't think it counts just sanctioned matches, and there are some people broken out multiple times, I'm guessing to do with multiple DCI numbers.

Oh, I didn't know he'd extended his to do this too! Could have saved myself 10 minutes :)

This data is highly suspicious. I have no memory of ever losing a match against Baker. Nor do I remember ever beating Simon in a sanctioned match!
Sweet, I'm a GP master or something...

Magic Grand Prix: Overall record: 21-13-0 Total number of matches: 34 Win percentage ignoring draws: 61.764706 Win percentage including draws: 61.764706

My data is slightly off, but only because 14 years of match history takes a long time to expand, and I hadn't let it, so anything before 2007 wasn't counted in my initial post. Doesn't affect my numbers vs current Games Club players very much (except rescuing my 100% loss record to Pete!)

Rebecca Bonfield 10-3-1
Martin Dingler 50-43-1
Nicholas Lovett 29-17-1
Kieran Symington 5-3
James Mills 7-3-1
Peter Dunn 4-4
Thomas Baker 1-0
Ray Wat 38-11
Combined Grovers 2-2 (Charlie 0-2, James 2-0)

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