Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK


Steve getting DQ'd, and moving up to number 1 on the DCI's most wanted list.

Poker til 5am

Having a weird dream about Ben watching me shit.

5 litres of cat-piss wine for £4

EDH for fun and profit

36 Bears


Steve attempting to chat up waitresses in Italian from his iPhone

Lots of shouting

Snorting a dice


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3.50 Euros for 6 litres of delicious Polish beer.

Chatting up a McDonald's Waitress that was estimated 87% lesbian.

Winning 4 matches with an active Luminarch Ascension + Eldrazi Monument in PTQ sealed.

Chocolate rolls for breakfast.

Martin eating atleast half his weight in McDonalds (litres of coke included).

Body disposal (we broke a chair, which we ripped into pieces, and hid underneath the balcony in broad daylight).

Ordering random Italian starters off the menu not knowing what the fuck they were, then complaining that they hadn't arrived when they had, then /sadface after realising that they were infact mine, but had been devoured by everyone else.

Aubergine Pizza.

Watching Kibler lose.

Gold signed From the Vaults Gifts Ungiven. Gold and silver double signed foil Teferi.

Sleeping soundly in a room with a magic player (Dan) - no Mills snoring / Gary tongue clicking / farting!!!! - <3 Dan

Playing poker to 'best of the 90's 250 track playlist.

Owning up said poker session, including drunken ramblings and 'instinct' all-ins from Mr Robert Stanjer (who lost everything. Twice.)

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