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been out of the loop for a while! what's people's take on how to draft m10 stuff. word.

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pretty lame. i dont think im going to go to any more M10 drafts unless they are for a PTQ or GPT/GP etc
it really has no depth to it - but there are a lot of money cards you can draft...
what are the big monies
Baneslayer Angel, Great Sable Stag, Lands, Pithing Needle, Planeswalkers
All that happens in every m10 game is the ground stalls on about turn 5, then someone eventually plays sleep or overrun and wins
just don't bother.
Some (fairly) unquestionable truths about M10:

- Red is very thin. Prefer to splash Fireball over leaping in with both feet.
- Black really wants you to play mono-Black or close to (Tendrils of Corruption, Consume Spirit, Nightmare). Red has some similar cards but isn't deep enough to consider it. The mono-B deck is very strong but folds to White Knight.
- Green's efficient creatures don't have evasion and thus Green is worse than White (with efficient creatures + fliers) and probably Blue (fliers, Sleep, but a bit thin).
- The bomb Uncommons determine everything. Sleep, Overrun, Fireball, Mind Control. To a lesser extent Tendrils of Corruption, Armored Ascension, probably others. The bomb rares also, although they are of course rarer: Ant Queen, Royal Assassin, Baneslayer Angel, Cemetery Reaper, etc.
- Removal is at a premium, even more so than usual. Things like Entangling Vines are playable.
- Gorgon Flail is good. Rod of Ruin is OK. Prodigal Pyromancer is nowhere near as good as Vithian Stinger. Goblin Artillery is a borderline bomb. Magebane Armor is probably a bomb. Blinding Mage is very strong. Deadly Recluse is good. Some of the walls are playable. Merfolk Looter is awesome.
- Levitation is surprisingly good in UG. It may be otherwise unplayable and should table.
- WU fliers-of-death and Mono-B life-gain-and-kill-you are probably the best archetypes. But really the best archetypes are "creatures + overrun", "creatures + sleep" or "creatures + bomb rare".
- Elite Vanguard, Runeclaw Bears and other cards that look like they would go in a nice aggressive Shards deck are basically crap. The other guy will play a Centaur Courser before long and make your early dudes irrelevant.
- Bombs, Removal, Evasion as the mantra goes but to a such a degree that anything that does not fall in these categories has almost no way to impact the game at all.
Or your opponent can play a forest walker and do 18 points of damage with it.

Ben Titmarsh said:
All that happens in every m10 game is the ground stalls on about turn 5, then someone eventually plays sleep or overrun and wins
that was quite funny. cant believe it actually did 18 points. the other 3 were from bens own banshee!
cheers tom - thats the kind of advice i'm looking for. although i just drafted lots of red online - shit
Zephyr Sprite = Lightning Bolt
tom i think your mate olivier would disagree with your opinion on m10 red. Bombs aside, i watched him 3rd pick a panic attack, and along with multiple jackal pups, lightning elementals and fiery hound drafted what closest resembles an all-in aggro deck.
Tiff, who has a 100% record against Mr. Ruel and has won prizes in her last three M10 drafts, is big on the multiple Panic Attack, multiple Trumpet Blast red deck, too. And I am 1-5 this week in M10 draft matches. So I could definitely be wrong about Red.

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