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been out of the loop for a while! what's people's take on how to draft m10 stuff. word.

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free draft simulator against the computer, and different formats too!
definitely worth checking out
ross miles said:
cheers tom - thats the kind of advice i'm looking for. although i just drafted lots of red online - shit

Red is all wins all over. Unless you play everything backwards like I just did against wei.

It looks like there's a lot of strong white but it never really seems to get anywhere. I've lost most consistently to mono black or black splashing. All that damned removal.
ross i'd like to tell u my secrets but then i'd be forced to kill u.
This is actually true.

Dan Barrett said:
Zephyr Sprite = Lightning Bolt
Good article from LSV in which he happens to say:

"Red is really shallow of course, and I wouldn’t recommend looking at it for main color status most of the time. It does have some sick cards, but the depth of the commons makes it tough for you to go too heavy Red."

Manual B's article with pick orders was interesting.
TOM: note how he agrees with me about the looter and the 3/4.
stevie_b said:
tom i think your mate olivier would disagree with your opinion on m10 red. Bombs aside, i watched him 3rd pick a panic attack, and along with multiple jackal pups, lightning elementals and fiery hound drafted what closest resembles an all-in aggro deck.

Olivier Ruel Said:
Therefore the last thing I would not recommend (generally) is to go Red. Red has extremely powerful Rares and Uncommons, but its commons are just too weak.

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