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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I have tons of RTR packs and the all-new combo cube described by Martin Dingler as making normal cube look like core set draft.

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I can commit to 10ish meaning 10.30 :)

Sure, I'll see you there then.

I'll bring... something if you can bring your cubes. Want to play some Modern at all if I proxy a deck up?

I am currently 3-0 in the Tournament Practice room with a deck whose aim is to make a t1 Lodestone Golem.  Be wary of my Modern prowess :)

4 mana t1... I am sure there is something better to do with it than cast Lodestone Golem!

I can probably get down for 11, will build some flavour of tron & have legacy elveses built too. Anyone fancy some proxy vintage?

Lodestone Golem is best vs Storm but terrible versus Jund.  Blood Moon probably best there but I am too cheap and only have Magus of the Moon :)

I am toying with Deus of Calamity and Chandra Nalaar (-2 ability) but five and six mana are harder to get to.  Rakdos Pit Dragon is pretty cool but has the same problem as golem that he dies to Lightning Bolt.

What is good in Vintage these days ... the 39 cards that never change + what? :S

ok i know i said i couldn't make it but if there's some proxy vintage action on the table then i am going to have to adjust my schedule!

Possibly can make this in the daytime, but am going straight out after so I probably can't bring any decks...

I will bring vintage (possibly x2) if that's what people wanna play, i'm all over it!

In all seriousness - if we can make a gentleman's agreement to all do so, I'd love to just brew up some crazy new deck for vintage*. Anyone game?

(* = I don't mean no including power, tinker for colossus, etc, I just mean not just tweaking 5-10 cards in an existing archetype/list, but starting more from scratch. E.g. I'd love to make a Niv Magus Elemental storm deck, or something).

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