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Hi all,


I see Dave's ahead of me already, but I just wanted to post something to let people know that as of last Friday, Magic Madhouse is now running articles!


You can find them here -


Our first batch to kick things off on Friday was Dave Robertshaw's article on Legacy Stone Blade and Hive Mind, Nathan Gotlib with an introduction to Commander and some thoughts on the format, and part 1 of Charlie Grover's look at post-M12 Standard. Part 2 of that article went up today, and we're looking to have, initially at least, articles going up Monday/Wednesday/Friday.


If you're interested in writing for us let me know, and please comment on the articles, make use of the Facebook ( and Twitter (@MagicMadhouse) links in them to let people who might be interested know, and send any feedback my way. We're going to be altering the front page of our site to make sure the artlcles are a bit more prominent, and hover-images for cards will hopefully be implemented soon.


Tom Reeve

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Will check these out, and yea, more visibility on HP would be great!

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