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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

You need 200 points from Dec 26th 2011 to Apr 1st 2012 to get an invite to the thing where the winner gets on the National Team.

All TGC (sanctioned) events are 1 point for playing + 3 points per win.

Is that right?

So there's no easier way for me to earn my 146 points required than 3-0'ing 15 drafts (well, with one loss allowed) between now and April 1st?

Have you guys all easily got 200 or are you all going to be sitting it out too?

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dude sweet

Doesn't say it on that particular article, but pretty sure they've confirmed you get a full Gen Con weekend pass as well if you Q.

well I couldn't find that which was why it looked like you had found a quote from somewhere.

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