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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

You need 200 points from Dec 26th 2011 to Apr 1st 2012 to get an invite to the thing where the winner gets on the National Team.

All TGC (sanctioned) events are 1 point for playing + 3 points per win.

Is that right?

So there's no easier way for me to earn my 146 points required than 3-0'ing 15 drafts (well, with one loss allowed) between now and April 1st?

Have you guys all easily got 200 or are you all going to be sitting it out too?

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Mills the cost to do the €30 (at last check) and the risk to both players is almost definately not worth it, as I would guess if found out (no matter how unlikely) would be bans

Wow 30 euros for a constructed event!

(TL; DR: Dan B was right when he said playing in the Cambridge and London PTQs is a pretty solid way of getting to 200 points without going crazy.)

Grand Prix have an 8x multiplier and the participation points would be 7 (512-1024) or 8 (1024-2047) so 49 or 56.

To get that many points in TGC drafts is, what, going 2-1 four times?  And if you were physically present at the GP then you could get 24 points for every win ...

The GPT on Saturday has a 3x multiplier, and will have probably 16-31 participants.  6 participation points and 6 points for each win.  That's a lot tougher.  Going 3-1/3-2ish for 24 points doesn't sound that amazing when you get 56 or 64 points for showing up at a GP and that many points for every win.

PTQs are approximately (5x4) 20 participation points and always 15 points for a win.  Cambridge, Leeds, London, Cardiff on successive weekends starting March 10th.  Cambridge + London getting 6 wins across both sounds very doable and is 130 points.  Assuming you can cobble together a competitive Modern deck.

Last minute trip to GP Lille is a possible plan.  Dan R and Jason and others are already going.  154 quid on Eurostar return Fri-Sun.  Or 150 quid to take my car on le Shuttle with up to 4 in it ... There's also GP Turin on the last day before the deadline but that's Modern.  Lille is Standard.

So I think my scheme is: beg a Modern deck, Cambridge PTQ on March 10, play out all the rounds no matter what, ask uninterested people for concessions in the 0-3 bracket, count up points after that and see where I am.  Game Day had a 2 x multiplier so I got 22 points there to put me at 78.  So I need 8 wins/participations at PTQs.

Or just give up on this Nats thing, that's another option ...

I'm behind you in points Tom, barely over 50, but 2x PTQs is my plan...

Want to get train to Cambridge together then? I've already pre-registered, advise everyone to do the same for this and London.

Leeds is "only" 2 hours away on train, so could do that one if Modern turns out to be really fun/I'm desperate.

There's a PTQ in Glasgow on Saturday, too, missed that :)

Is there limited numbers in Cambridge?  I am strongly planning to attend.  Assuming Mr. Paul Young or someone else can come through with a Modern deck.

One question that occurs to me is ... when are the World Cup Qualifiers?  Do they come hard on the heels of the end of the season, or don't we know yet?  I don't want to be in the US for the thing I run around qualifying for!

I would like to go to Cambridge but in no way have the money or the cards to get a deck together.

I thought you had all of that UB Delver deck, Mills?

Tom, I would assume limited numbers at all these PTQs, don't wanna not pre-reg, turn up and get turned away.

"Each selected country will hold three 2012 World Magic Cup Qualifiers. Qualifiers will take place between April 14, 2012 and July 1, 2012. Each of the three World Magic Cup Qualifiers in each country will be held on separate weekends."

Not exactly a deck that has been putting up any numbers at all. Also I have decided that Daniel Unwin decks are unfocused and really bad.

What decks do you like the look of then? TBH I think that just because it may not have been "putting up numbers", doesn't mean it is bad, there are loads of good decks in Modern, and not all of them are being played much.

I have half of Jund

so if you win a slot at the world cup thing, it's in Indianapolis wow thats not going to be cheap (from what I can see there is no travel award)

The winner of each event will receive an invitation and airfare* to compete on their country's national team at the 2012 World Magic Cup.

Glenn Goldsworthy said:

so if you win a slot at the world cup thing, it's in Indianapolis wow thats not going to be cheap (from what I can see there is no travel award)

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