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(I can't confirm this, but apparently Dark Sphere are selling a max of 3 boosters at a time for £7.50 each, so you may be able to get in on this for £22.50).

I'm up for this.

Dark Sphere are selling them at 7.50.

I have three but I probably won't be around at the weekend.

I would prefer to cube on Sat if anyone fancies it

I might be around on Saturday for Cube depending on what remains to be sorted post house move.

Happy to cube instead / as well guys - my strongest preference is just to get *some* Magic played this Sat!

so then who is about on Saturday and what do you want to do and where? I would like cube in the cheapest venue possible (who knew house buying was expensive)

I am happy to cube either at the Wetherspoon's in Holborn, or if it is up to say 6 of us, you're welcome to come to mine and bring tinnies instead.

happy with any of those suggestions, obv if there's 6 it's team draft time, if 8 surely it's 2hg action

since this doesn't seem to be getting off the ground I will give it a miss


as much as I like you Dan a date (it would appear to just be us) in a spoons in london is a long way to come


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