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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Rebels, Faeries, Imperiosaur, Dampen Thought, Storm, Giants, Goblins, Tokens, Narcomeba+Bridge from Below, +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, charge counters and time counters.

Modern Masters is shaping up to be the limited format of Kieran's dreams!

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FNM is on Fridays at Escape and the winner gets a free FNM.

Although 1/3rd of MM packs contain a $10+ card the packs themselves cost that much. That said they have less variance than a DGM booster.

23 players preregisteted for Saturday. The cancellation is all about amount of product.

Apparently Reading has 25 GBP MM drafts with 5322 MM prizes on Saturday. 30 mins from Paddington. Might be better than the proxy plan?

I'd potentially be up for Reading, but the train alone is 17 quid return...

Only Friday FNM at Escape, I've won a few and been a bit disappointed that I had to go back to claim my prize!

Russell Davies said:

Eh? Run this by me again as I'm worried I'm missing something. Are we talking "Tuesday FNM" - I thought the only prize was boosters... or are we talking about a different FNM?

Because if I was supposed to have a free draft each time I've won when playing with "the randomers" I've missed out on a few free drafts!  :/

Paul Hodgson said:

If you win the draft at FNM your prize is free entry to another FNM draft :)

Russ, I would be well down for TSB block drafts a Saturday soon! I started playing at Future Sight, so naturally did not do well at the draft format AT ALL the first time around...

Do you prefer to keep everything opened, or charge us for the packs?

I think I might have played a Time Spiral block draft once, but I'm sure it was good. I think I need to draft more old sets since they definitely seem like more fun than the stuff they're coming out with recently (except Innistrad which was actually quite good). Despite the massive cost, I might have to play Modern Masters for a while just because it's a return to the glory days of draft when all the cards were interesting and decks were full of synergy.

I've got everything I need from older sets, so it would be charge for packs, I didn't realise how expensive Time Spiral stuff had got until I just looked! They're about 29 quid a set on Madhouse, so I'd probably charge 20 and have done with it.

Won't be able to do it for a while yet though, my collection is still up in storage near MK - I need to time an event drive or similar right with someone to pass through and pick up my stuff on the way back to London before I can play Legacy/Modern again or run any drafts!  :)

Wow!  Wish I could go to Reading.  Could just about stretch to the Games Club on Saturday but heading to Finsbury Park to see the Stone Roses in the evening so I think Reading is a bit too far to get back from!

You could always just fill your car up with a few friends and do it one Saturday - I remember I used to drive a LOT further on weekends with friends picking up VW car parts just to keep them company!

There is MM draft and sealed going on at Dark Sphere this Saturday.

Also, there are the only place I know that have MM prizes!

Just called them. 30 quid drafts, guy didn't know the price of the sealed. mm prizes (1 booster per entrant in the pool). sealed and first draft at 12, second draft at 4. he recommends booking via the website.

Jim says it's 50 for the sealed and 25 for a draft with no prizes or 30 with.

This sounds like a better plan than the proxy alternate release event, I think.  Going to book.  Not sure about Sealed versus Draft tho.

I've booked in for Draft!  Any idea which Dark Sphere this is at?

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