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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Rebels, Faeries, Imperiosaur, Dampen Thought, Storm, Giants, Goblins, Tokens, Narcomeba+Bridge from Below, +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, charge counters and time counters.

Modern Masters is shaping up to be the limited format of Kieran's dreams!

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I've done a couple of drafts on the weekend as well... to contradict my previous comment, it is definitely more pelletable with MM prizes involved. (the cost that is)

I've gone for UG suspend, affinity and giants; it seems the format supports these all quite well. i've played against some very strong goblins and faeries too- as well as what seems to be 5 colour 'mono-removal' good stuff / a mini storm deck. seems that the format truely does support all the archtypes one could want. also saw a semi-successful "dredge" with wurm harvest and multiple knight of reliquery's. unfortunately opened very little value (a foil blood moon being the peak by a large margin over anything else). 

depending on what is being built of course it seems you don't quite need to play 17 lands with low curves / affinity, suspend, or synergy on reduced casting costs...  will be sad when this format has gone. kind of makes DGM seem dull in comparison, and it is by no means that :) M14 will have a tough job as a core set to keep up the limited appeal

I now have 3 boosters of MM! :O

Does anyone else have packs they would like to draft on Saturday? Also I hear from Dan Royde Dark Sphere are still selling packs (3 at a time max) if you want in?

For anyone (like me) that didn't draft in Lorwyn or Time Spiral blocks - 5 x Facevaulter, 3 x Mogg War Marshall, 3 x Marsh Flitter is a good deck.  Particularly enjoying leaving Skeletal Vampire, Dark Confidant and 2 x Torrent of Stone in my sideboard.  What?  They aren't Goblins!  Got to play the final now ...

Haha that's pretty sweet.

I drafted affinity with 2 sculptor, 2 sanctum gargoyle, 2 esperzoa, 3 of the impulse bird, 5 myr enforcers, 3 frogmite....or something like that.  But I think I like yours better :)

I misclicked with a sick Splice deck to lose in round one, played a Reach Through Mists without splicing my doom blade :/

I thought the Affinity deck was terrible until Phil 3-0/6-0'ed with it at tgc on Tuesday.  I think I've seen all the base archetypes (and Death Denied/Hana Kami) be good now except Giants.  Thundercloud Shaman is a beating, though, so I assume Giants is good too.

I 3-0'ed my draft yesterday with a 2 x Blinding Beam deck.  Mildly convinced that's the best Common/Uncommon.

Deck was not completely busted (apart from the Blinding Beams) and had to win one round on time.  Errant Ephemeron is good.  Epochrasite at Uncommon is filthy.  I wonder if I should be taking Riftsweeper higher.

I am really surprised Echoing Decay is not in this set.  I wonder if they cut it because they found it was too good?

I am enjoying there being almost too many different things to play around but not quite.  I see Test of Faith and Blinding Beam around every corner playing against a W player but with Beam there's usually not much you can do except home they don't have it.  I wonder if Gleam of Resistance would be a good sb card in the W mirror?!

Fun times with 2 x bounce spells in hand when opponent's board is 2 x Sanctum Gargoyle (with spellbombs in the bin), 2 x Aethersnipe :S  (That's the one I had to win on time!)

Haven't drafted Splice OR Hana Kami yet.  And although I have had up to 5 Rebels in my deck I don't feel like I"ve drafted the Rebels deck yet.  1/1s and 2/1s for 2 that tap for 4 to put a Pacifism into play from your library are surely insane, though?  Might have to push them up my pick list.

I lost in the finals to the rebels deck with my insane affinity, though that was mostly due to Elspeth and mana screw.  It seems like the "most solid" deck in that it doesn't take much to get a rebels deck good enough to beat all the other average decks.

I keep having these decks that have 3x Hana Kami in the board...its like, I've seen the Hana Kami deck, but while I'm drafting it I have no idea what I'm actually trying to do. 

My splice deck was pretty cool although again I'm not really sure what I was doing when drafting or building it...and then threw it away on a misclick and connection-rage.

Given how unanimous the praise has been for Modern Masters as a limited format, I've put together a cube with 4 of each common, 2 of each uncommon and 1 of each rare/mythic together on Cube Tutor.  For those who are interested, it's draftable here:

Brilliant Ben - will be sure to give it a go :)

Levi - i played against that deck; it was multiple hana kami's, death denied and dredge through moldervine cloaks and stinkweed imps. lots of tapping and small repetitively hitting creatures; seemed quite fun.

managed to get a 3-0 splice / storm deck going yesterday - though not had  the storm count high enough for a kill it made grapeshot into useful removal, suspending a couple of the blue fliers and a few of the cheaper spells managed to get 8-10 goblins in play most casts.  Pick ignus high if trying storm he's a life saver :) splice wise it's pretty fun - though the UI is not very user friendly for it... still, worth it when it works. (hate out all the  echoing truth!)

Forgot to mention that Plumeveil is also insane in this format.  Serious consideration versus Path to Exile, in UW at least.

Plumeveil was always insane in limited, actual removal spell & blanks most of their offence :D

Thomas David Baker said:

Forgot to mention that Plumeveil is also insane in this format.  Serious consideration versus Path to Exile, in UW at least.

Blinding Beam is so so so good, but people who didn't play Mirrodin (where it was similarly obscene) don't seem to realise it. i got mine so late last week, something stupid like 9th pick!

tempted to come and draft again this week, if only to maintain my UNDEFEATED streak :D

does anyone want to buy my opening from last week (Sword of Fire and Ice, Arcbound Ravager, Kitchen Finks) so that i can justify drafting without needlessly accumulating cards i will not use?

Now up to £35 a draft, jeez...

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