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Such a shame they had to preannounce by so far to "respect people's collections" but it makes sense.

I wonder if Tarmogoyf at Mythic in a limited print run set at 6.99 a booster will do enough to bring its price down ...

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Definitely getting a couple of boxes of this to draft!

I don't think it will impact goyf's price in the long run.

foil in EVERY PACK seems spicy

Wow... Shipping all of my goyfs and shocks on ebay a week before the rtr spoiler turned out to be quite profitable indeed!

Wise man.  Blood Crypt down to 3 quid on MTGO already.  Not that paper is a liquid as MTGO but it definitely makes your decision look smart.

Modern Masters draft might be a bit like cube only you get to keep your cards (or redraft for the Dark Confidant and the Vendilion Clique).

I remember that time they did a pack that was all foil. 

Philip Dickinson said:

foil in EVERY PACK seems spicy

I drafted that a few times at Superstars on the cheap when they were trying to get rid of their stock.  ALA-CFX-ARB mixed boosters.  Spot the ARB card in your colors, take it, pass.  Fairly terrible format.

I think the price impact will all depend on how limited the print run actually is. I suspect it won't be very limited, and the panic sellers at the mo won't feel too bad about it.

Of course, if Wizards don't end up printing millions of cases (given the hype, leaving money on the table) then the "Mythics" might not be impacted too badly...

there's a vegas PT using it as Limited, god only know's what that will be like

ohhh sorry it's in Vegas so AWESOME

I am definitely up for getting a group together to go there!!

Sooooo see you in Vegas?

nothing like a cheap holiday

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