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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

This week we had a three way tie for first with Nathan, Levi and myself all on 15 points.  Levi had beaten me, and both of us had beaten Nathan giving Levi the win, me second and Nathan third.  Russ takes Fourth for the third time!  Amar, Charlie and Dan still yet to break the top half of the draft.  Standings after 5 weeks looking like this.

Despite not attending Kieran still is joint leader!

1    Kieran    16
1    Ben    16
3    Russ    15
4    Ross    13
5    Andrew    10
6    Simon    8
6    Levi    8
8    Rebecca    7
9    Maor    6
10    Nathan    5
11    Ray    4
12    Dan Royde    3
12    Charlie    3
14    Marek    2
14    Amar    2
16    Phil    1
16    Allan    1

Signups for Week 6. 

1. Ben

2. Ross

3. Charlie

4. Joe

5. Levi

6. Kieran

7. Nathan

8. Russ


1. Paul

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i'm in!

assuming i'm there..

Count me in.  I kinda enjoyed the best-of-1, round robin format, it's pretty cool.

Hopefully I can smash again next week :D

I'm in for next week - should be recovered by then!

Do let us know as soon as possible if you won't be because I'm sure someone will want the spot if not.

Joe Saxton said:

assuming i'm there..

If there is enough interest, we can always run two of these.

I'm in!



Well that filled up ridiculously quick this week!  Please do try to turn up if you've signed up, and if not give us plenty of notice.  Will continue to take reserve signups if anyone else is interested, and maybe we can even get to two 8 man pods.

I will turn up anyways, so put me as a reserve?

Hey - feeling pretty ropey after the weekend and am doing things tonight - so I think I wanna just relax at home tomorrow rather than draft.

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