Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I took 1st, charlie continued his good form with second, Daniel was third and Levi fourth. Winner of boardstate of the night went to paul - he left kieran facing garruk, nicol bolas and kieran's own thragtusk!



Ross    27

Ben    20
Kieran    18
Russ    17
Charlie    17
Andrew    11
Levi    11
Simon    8
Rebecca    7

Maor    6
Nathan    6
Ray    4

Daniel 4
Dan Royde    3
Marek    2
Amar    2
Phil    1
Allan    1
Joe    1

Mills 1

Paul 1




Next week sign-up


Pod 1


1. ross

2. kieran

3. andrew

4. charlie

5. ben t

6. russ

7. Mills

8. paul


Pod 2


1. levi

2. Nathan

3. dan






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Don't worry I'll break him.

Challenge Accepted

I'm not breaking!

reckon we'll get to 2 drafts for this? i might come down if there'll be enough but i don't particularly want to make the journey if we'll only end up with ~12 or so

Well I'm told mills is bailing and I might be too, so unlikely.

Aww man, you kidding?

I'm coming down just to see him!

Levi Hinz said:

Well I'm told mills is bailing and I might be too, so unlikely.

Yea spoke to Mills and he's def not coming.

Count me out for tonight, gonna save my cash for pre-re.

Whoops forgot to actually send "yeah I'm definitely bailing"

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