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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Modern Online Rotisserie Draft

Spreadsheet of the picks is here:

Results are:

.................P W L GW GL Pts
Louis Mackie 5 3 2 6 5 9
Thomas Baker 5 3 2 6 7 9
Simon O'Keefe 4 2 2 6 4 6
Dan Barrett 3 2 1 5 3 6
Peter Dun 2 1 1 3 2 3
Kieran Symington 3 0 3 2 6 0
Paul Hodgson 0 0 0 0 0 0
Thom Richardson 0 0 0 0 0 0



Louis 2 - 1 Peter

Peter 2 - 0 Tom 

Louis 2-0 Tom
Louis 2-1 Kieran
Tom 2-1 Kieran

Dan 2-1 Simon

Dan 2-0 Louis

Simon 2-1 Louis

Tom 2-1 Simon


You've all seen the drafts like this done on Google docs spreadsheets:

Let's do one online, proxy up and/or Cockatrice then play out the games?

How about all cards legal in Legacy or all cards legal in Modern for the card pool?   Or we can just do Vintage as many of the others have.

This is going to be using the Modern card pool and the Modern banned list.

Need 8 players.

1. Thomas "First Pick Cycling Land" Baker

2. Thom "Making Cockatrices Comply" Richardson

3. Simon "Lands that are also a Mox" O'Keeffe

4. Louis "Mulligan to Less than 4" Mackie

5. Dan "Famous Magic Writer and Hat Wearer" Barrett

6. Kieran "Tribal Zombies Turbofog DOES work in Modern" Symington

7. Ross "1UW" Miles Peter "Are You" Dun

8. Paul "1st Pick Gifts, 2nd-5th Picks: 8 hours each" Hodgson


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I've seen bidding done for complete decks in the invitational Auction of the People.

Tom, are you talking about bidding for pick order?

No I'm talking about bidding for cards.  Everyone starts with 100 points.  Everyone secretly submits a set of bids for cards.  You get the cards that you bid the most for then you go again from the remaining card pool with any points you have left over and so on until you have spent your 100 points/have a 45 card deck.

Or, cards come up in groups or individually, and you bid for them in an auction style format.  So, the auctioneer flips Dark Confidant and we keep bidding until everyone stops and the highest bidder gets him.  If you blow too many points on Dark Confidant, you will have to use crap to fill up your last slots.

It's not clear to me if either of these versions could work given that after a while people in a draft tend to want cards for certain colors/archetypes rather than just "good cards".

too long to do@tom

also, online now! peter_dun on skype, anyone wanna play?

Everyone knows drafting is the most fun bit of Magic Pete - making it longer is increasing the fun!

I imagine a 25 person auction in person over several hours, possibly with beer, food, etc. building a deck you are going to play in some kind of "super series" of matches with a top 8 one-off tournament for the players with the most wins at the end of a few weeks of matches a la Warren's cube event a few months ago.  Something like the fantasy football auctions that Americans do prior to the NFL season.

Getting decent numbers like this (if possible) would make the auction aspect more interesting as at least two people will want every card.  We could charge a small entry fee, include tgc/dark sphere, give prizes, in order to cast our net wider.

anyone up for a game of this? :P

Some recent scores:

Louis 2-0 Tom
Louis 2-1 Kieran
Tom 2-1 Kieran

I know Kieran and Simon played yesterday. What was the result? Did Dan or Paul get any games in? Last chances to play me are Tuesday at tgc and Saturday at Penderel's Oak as I am off to the US April 1st.

Simon kicked my ass 2-0.

Table in the first post on this thread has been updated.

Didn't get any games in, but can do some early mornings wed/thurs (8am ish), some of tues evening, or in person on Sat.

Yeah sorry about only getting 1 game in. I slunk off to the most appropriately named pub (The Thirsty Bear) across the road to play some cube, as most of you guys seemed to be getting some wins in the PTQ.

What time did it all finish?

I'll have my rotisserie deck at the club tomorrow.

Didn't manage to get any games in on Sat as had to play all 8 rounds in order to get my 4 wins, and then drinking had to happen. I'll DL cockatrice tonight so should be able to get some games in if anyone's around?

I got Cockatrice in last night just to try it out. Playing my deck was an absolute nightmare. Is there actually a way to do cascade properly?

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