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Magic: the Gathering in the UK


More GPs- I think this is a good thing. Either more people around the world have access to GPs (e.g. South America) = a good thing. Or if there are more in Europe, then the average size might go down a bit and make the events more pleasant= a good thing imho.


Also as LSV has pointed out, if there are more GPs we might see more different GP formats, teams for e.g. = a very good thing. Or more Legacy for those that like it or...?


I'm not convinced that GPs replace regional prereleases very well, it certainly wouldn't here, but then they're only doing that in the US where it might work.


Private PTs- I think that this makes sense. Making the PT the entire focuss of a weekend makes it more special. Having it be just another collection of side events detracts from that in a way.


 Overall I think these look like good changes.


What do other people think?

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Taking away regional prereleases is going to suck for the US just as much as it would here.  I don't see why they're doing it, they already tried that once and everyone hated it.
Saw an interesting idea on twitter and that was with the increase in number of GP's they could have a release event GP. That would be fun.

Interesting idea, release event GP.  But this means only happening in 1 place.  A bit narrow, no?

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