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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Has anyone seen the change to the DCI ratings? It was showcased on daily mtg yesterday.

Basically you cant lose points, the more you play the more points you get and you get multipliers for playing in bigger events.

Coming top 16 at a GP no longer automatically gives you a place on the pro tour.


the main thing is it rewards people for playing and not sitting on their rating, or being afriad to play because of their rating. I'm not saying i agree with all the changes but i think something did need to be done. you need to read the whole article to get an understanding of it though. The whole 'planeswalker points' thing feels a bit childish but i guess its all in good fun and adds to the fantasy feel.

more importantly, thank you wizards for my new pick up line, hi, i'm a level 36 sorceror, fancy a drink?

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If by "sit out" you mean not play in sanctioned, non PTQ, non GP events, then I spend a lot of time "sitting out". If by "sitting out" you mean "not playing magic", then I think you might be surprised to find that most people who sit on rating actually play more magic than the average player.

Playing in a shop arbitrarily gets you more points. There is no local shop for my club to affiliate with. I reiterate- Seems like a good way of finding the best players to play on the PT.


Mark Langley said:

Dan you also have to factor in that it simply isn't healthy to have a percentage of the UK playerbase simply sit out of events for 2-3 months each year to ensure they qualify for Nationals/GP Byes/PT Qualification though. Yes FNM is screwed and yes maybe the level of play locally isn't brilliant for you but the overiding feeling I get from this is that the premium events, GP's/PTQ's are now must attend events and that local events are there to bump up your points.


What we haven't yet commented on or had confirmed is that the implementation seems to be in two stages and that according to Kibler there are further multipliers for finishing well at premiun events such as GP's/PT's and Nationals. These multipliers would seem to be such that if you do well, you should qualify for the next event on points. Of course this is only what is being thrown around between Maro/Kibler and Finkel currently on Twitter apparently.

Daniel Royde said:

It's possible to be good, play a fair amount of magic, and buy a reasonable amount of product without going to sanctioned events.

My last 10 events are: 1 PT, 3 GPs, Nationals, a random PT day 2 standard, a GPT and 2 Jason drafts.

The first of those was in mid MAY.


I'm not the only player like this.


I don't play a lot of sanctioned events because the level of play in most of those available to me is so low that it's not fun. I'm not the only player in this situation.


Local events, by definition can't be of an interestingly high level. I don't want to be encouraged to go to events that aren't fun.


How can people be in favour of a system of qualification which gives you more points for things that have nothing to do with playskill- participation points.

A system that treats a win against any opponent the same any other.

A system with which some people will have many more points available to them because of where they happen to live/how big their local community is.


That seems like a really good way of choosing the best players for the Pro Tour.


(Let's also remember that America isn't one place.  It takes 6 hours to FLY from New York to LA.  No one can go to every American GP.  If you think that people in Seattle can even go to all the West Coast GPs then why don't you go to Belgian GPs (which are nearer)?  People in Idaho are probably hella pissed* too.)


* = "really annoyed" in American.


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