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Pick a player.

Thursday 2pm is the end of the first round.  Anyone who hasn't made a pick by then may not join and the last person to pick gets to pick again.  We go back through everyone in reverse order, then start from the first person again.  Then, as time permits, we repeat until round 1 of the PT starts.  I'll update this post with picks so far.

If we get to six picks each before it starts on Friday we'll stop but I don't suppose we will.  Hopefully we'll get at least two each!  If a round of picks is incomplete at the start of the competition it will be ignored.  We may skip you on picks for r2 onwards if you take a while.  Feel free to jump back in when you catch up.  We'll try not to do that.

Points are the total points your team gets over the course of the competition including IDs, concessions and any other shenanigans.  You also get 3 points per match win in Top 8.

First tiebreaker is how far your most successful player went in the competition.  Second tiebreaker is Swiss position of your highest placed player.


Picks so far:

Tom - Jon Finkel, Alexander Hayne, Willy Edel, Daniel Royde
Josh - Gerry Thompson, Tzu-Ching Kuo, Bram Snepvangers, Patrick Sullivan
Max - Luis Scott-Vargas, Frank Karsten, Kenji Tsumura, Gabriel Nassif
Ben - Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Sean Plott
Louis - Yuuya Watanabe, Owen Turtenwald, Shi Tian Lee
Jono - Martin Juza, Elias Watsfeldt, Ivan Floch, Andrea Muller
Dan - Stanislav Cifka, Matej Zatlkaj
Jim - David Ochoa, Conley Woods, Richard Bland, Samuele Estratti
Thom - Sam Black, Kai Budde, Ken Yukuhiro, Bob Maher
Charlie - Josh Utter-Leyton, Shahar Shenhar, Reid Duke, Zvi Moshowitz
Levi - Ben Stark, Tom Martell, Ari Lax, Tomaharo Saito
Kieran - Melissa DeTora, Robert Jurkovic, Jackie Lee, Caleb Durwald
Simon - Raphael Levy, Brian Kibler, Lukas Jaklovsky, Jelger Wiegersma
Paul - Shuuhei Nakamura, Eric Froehlich, Shouta Yasooka, Paul Rietzl
Ross - Steve Bernstein


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Bram Snepvangers.

Jim picks Richard Bland. Thom next.
Or Charlie or Levi. Keep it moving!

In case of no Thom I'll pick Reid Duke

I reckon a free for all on round 3 now. 1 Hour.... Dan, Thom, Levi, Paul, Kieran and Simon to pick now? anybody else can catch up! Then in 1 hour lets try and get 4 players each. I am sure the more players, makes Tom super happy as he gets to do all the leg work behind calculating it all!!!

Lukas Jaklovsky

Good plan Jono. I do think four players each would be better if we can do it in time.
Jackie Lee - I'm determines to take all the lady players.

Paul Reitzl, Shouta Yasooka

Alright.  Over to Simon for his last pick.

Can I chip in with Ken Yukuhiro

You can indeed.  Anyone else need to catch up?  Levi?

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