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Hi All,

just contacted WotC and they have acknowledged that there was a problem with my mailout of players rewards. However, from discussions in other forums I believe this problem is fairly widespread. If you have received a mailout recently and it appears to be wrong. You need to contact - Wizards Customer Service.

You might like to repost this to other forums that you are a member of.

The process is very simple.

Go to
Login or register and login if needed.
Click the EMAIL US tab at the top of the page.
Fill in the form telling them your problem, giving your DCI number and what you actually received.

You will then be presented with an auto answer that bears no relation to your question - I hate this... it's so stupid.

Wizards will then start the process of sorting out your problem. It usually only requires them to reply to confirm that it is or isn't wrong and then correct the issue.

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What was wrong about the mailouts? Mine seemed ok.
Just simply the amount of packs received. I've heard quite a few people claim they don't have enough (but in a serious way - not just usual whinging).
For some reason my mailing didn't use up all of my rewards points. It's rather weird, but probably good since fallout/ infest / bolt are not very good rewards cards, so it's better to have more later.
The same thing happened to me but I was still due more packs. You might want to check anyway.
What were we SUPPOSED to get?
1 pack of textless spells for every 5 tournaments and 1 foil card for every 20 tournaments.
'some' cards arrived. They were ugly. I didn't like them.

That is all.
Agreed... I hated everything I got accept the foil Lightning Bolt which was reasonable at best.

I mean seriously... in the last mailout, I got a foil Damnation ffs!

Lightning Bolt?! Stick it up your ass Wizards.

Tiff Leek said:
'some' cards arrived. They were ugly. I didn't like them.

That is all.
The only textless cards I have that I don't mind the artwork on are Blightning, Lightning Helix and Pyroclasm. The rest are terrible. Where are they finding this art? In most cases they could just stretch the original artwork and it would look about a million times better.

Tiff Leek said:
'some' cards arrived. They were ugly. I didn't like them.

That is all.
You should really all stop complaining about lightning bolt, its a fairly sensible player reward choice..
For me it's all about avoiding spending (yet more) absurd amounts of money on the game.

A foil Lightning Bolt doesn't help that much whereas I never had to buy Cryptic Commands at 10-15 a pop from the last series.

So the quality of the rewards has dropped compared to the time I got 2 Cryptics and a Damnation, for sure.

That said, I hadn't complained. But I have now.
The complain is only that the choice of cards foil promo isn't as good as as it's been in the past.
They've done rares for the foil one for the last 3 years (tog was before that right?) so a common, that's very available because it's been printed many times, feels like a let down.

On the other hand, if the aim was for it to be green or red, an instant/ sorcery, good and sort of iconic, I'm not sure what rare I would choose.... Ideas?

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