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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Yo, is anyone training it up to reading tomorrow? If so what train are you taking, and can anyone lend me:


2 creeping tar pit

2 darkslick shores

3 vampire nighthawk

3 Spellstuter sprire.


Im missing the randomest cards...


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Apparently I cant edit, but I also need 1 gftt and 1 cryptic if people have them

Planning on going, have some of the above with me tonight (think I have 1 each of the lands and a cryptic). Going to get a shockingly early train as it's going to take me 2 hours to get there.


Anyone going to FNM?


Also, may need some stuff myself, playset of Cobras for a start...

I can give you the other lands. Are you coming to FNM?


I don't have a deck for tomorrow, but I can build RG Scapeshift if I can get Scapeshift x4, some number of Prismatic Omens, and sideboard cards (Fallout/Firespout and Sable Stag?).

I dont think i can make fnm. Im already leanding my valakut stuff t someone sorry
Alright. Well if I can't get the cards I can hand the lands off to someone for you.
Louis, think I have 2(?) Omens, not with me but can dig them out later on tonight
That would be super helpful. I found some Volcanic Fallouts and can probably scrounge around and run some odd things in the board like Chameleon Colossus so hopefully it's just the Scapeshifts I need to get.

Also Charlie, do you have any Thruns? (Other than the one in your cube). He seems good for my manplan 4cmc board :O

Paul Hodgson said:
Louis, think I have 2(?) Omens, not with me but can dig them out later on tonight

I have


1 Creeping Tar Pit

1 Darkslick Shores

3 Vampire Nighthawk

1 Spellstutter Sprite

1 Cryptic Command


that I will bring with me tomorrow (whether you end up still needing them or not, they'll be there)


I am still looking for a deck to play at the PTQ.  I'm not too picky, so if anybody has anything half decent (that they've been playtesting with, making a last minute decision to switch from, etc.) that they don't mind lending me, then I'd appreciate it very much (otherwise I don't mind watching and playing some team draft later on...with lands this time).


Edit: Also, I'll be taking the 8:57 FGW train up, though I will be boarding at 9:22 at Langley station and not Paddington.

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