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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Pro Tour Born of the Gods will take place February 21-23, 2014 in Valencia, Spain.

Swiss rounds: Sealed Deck.

Single-elimination playoff: Booster Draft.

For Qualifiers held prior to September 27, 2013 the product used will be 6 boosters of Magic 2014 for the Swiss rounds and 3 boosters of Magic 2014 for the Single-elimination playoff booster draft.

For Qualifiers held September 27, 2013 or later, the product used will be 6 boosters of Theros for the Swiss rounds and 3 boosters of Theros for the Single-elimination playoff booster draft.

Date Organisation Location
18/08/2013 Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes
24/08/2013 Firestorm Games Cardiff
08/09/2013 Axion Comics Chalfont
05/10/2013 Patriot Games Sheffield
02/11/2013 Gamers World Dublin
16/11/2013 Dark Sphere London
23/11/2013 The Scythe and Teacup Liverpool

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I'm going to try and make Milton Keynes and Chesham (Chalfont).  Can't make the London date.

I can only make it to Chesham, London, and maaaaaybe Liverpool if I'm so inclined.

I guess I have a 30% chance of making it to Cardiff too, not sure though.

Would be really sweet to qualify for Valencia, fantastic place for a PT if you can avoid torrential rains flooding the venue. :P

I don't know if I can be bothered to waste my money doing badly at a format I hate.

Somehow I had convinced myself this season was Standard. I'm actually pretty excited it is Limited even though it is M14. Milton Keynes, go go go!

Back half of the season is Theros!  I quite like the complete change in set midway through the format.

Really? Sweet! This is so much better than when I thought they had added another Standard season!

Will definitely trying make a bunch of these (note I have discounted the possibility I will win one ... )

You are quite good at sealed Tom, no?

Let's be kind and say I'm better at Sealed than I am at Standard :)

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