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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all,

Just heard this morning that I'm through to the main part of the Talent Search (in the Limited category). Look out for the article during the week! Also wish Dan Barrett good luck in the Casual/Other category (apparently taking longer to judge due to, gulp, 160-odd entries.)


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Nice one! - well done Tom - looking forward to reading it!
Also best of luck Dan - when do you find out?
160 in my category?


Good job Tom, I'm gonna need a lot of good luck to get through that kinda number!

Though, I didn't make any of the mistakes Ferrett tweeted about, so... we'll see.

Amar - I should find out in the next day or so.
Good work Tom, can't wait to see the article up on the website.

Come on Dan! If his article makes it through form that >160 set, it will be pretty impressive. Though if not, he should post it here for us to see anyway.
Of course I will!
Welldone Tom and good luck Dan. Tom, you said the main part, what does that inply?
It's like the X-factor, but with Magic.

Expect Tom to be performing covers of classic pop-songs and fighting for the public's vote each week until he releases a single at Christmas.


Raymond Wat said:
Welldone Tom and good luck Dan. Tom, you said the main part, what does that inply?
See you there, Tom! ;)

High-fives all around!
Wouldn't have happened without your comments that resulted in some heavy editing, thanks a ton for that!

Tom Reeve said:
High-fives all around!
Teh. Awesomes!

Tom Reeve said:
Nice article. To check out the competition, I read one of the others on the site and it was absolutely god-awful (it's the one where the guy barely mentions limited at all - wtf?). If they hire that guy I'll never visit Starcity again.

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