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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

anyone wanna cube again on tuesday. again i dont have a cube!


if not - anyone wanna paly a different game of some descrption?


cube draft










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I think we may do some Legacy Masters testing, but I can bring my cube and/or some boardgames?

im up for legacy testing - and cube - and board game! got any good ones i havnt played? (i havnt played a lot)

Here are the games I own:

From that list I would probably suggest Libertalia or Tammany Hall as both can support at least 5 players, or 7 Wonders is always a good one.

I wonder if we could do an actual Legacy Masters draft.  It would obviously be an extreme work-in-progress but we have at least an alpha version of the set.  Someone will probably draft something unbeatable and make everyone else miserable but it would be a learning experience and tell us a lot about the set.

Assuming Simon, Tom, Ross and probably Kieran could we get four others?  Will require some chopping up but I have two pairs of scissors ...

If not I will happily cube.  Could bring my Standard cube.  Not very interested in random board games as a Magic fanboy.

cubing kegacy cube sounds like something we should go for


i reckon we can get 8

put something on the other thread too

simon - i would also be keen to play either of those games - they look fun

I'm up for anything and everything

Well, gosh.

Louis Mackie said:

I'm up for anything and everything

count me in for legacy masters draft

Legacy Masters should definitely be happening, and I think we are close to a final set list.

Tom let us know if you need scissors/sleeves/lands etc...

I'm up for some Legacy masters tomorrow!

I'll be at the club, if there are no MM drafts happening then i'll be in for this too!

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