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Spotted on another forum:

I wonder what the best deck in Wild West Modern would be if you unbanned everything

What do you think the best deck(s) would be?

Also would this be something you might want to try out sometime?

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pretty sure it'll involve some numbers of stoneforge mystic and jace tms, or storm

I don't know if a cawblade type deck would be too slow!

Storm with Rite of Flame Ponder and Preordain is almost certainly up there, along with Affinity with the artifact lands, and skullclamp elves with GSZ and Glimpse. Also maybe Dredge if you can find the best enablers?

And I guess every deck plays 4x Mental Misstep?

In the first Modern WNM in Leeds after a few bannings but not everything I played Jace, Stoneforge, Misstep and Visions among other cards. I guess you might play Counter-Top along with it, that could be pretty obnoxious to play against.

The answer is, as always, depends what everyone else is going to play!

If people load up on hand destruction or permission, then combo decks are going to be vulnerable, if not, then they will be very powerful!

some degenerate skullclamp deck has to be the answer surely?

Counter-Top Stoneforge or Faeries?

Affinity with Disciple and Ravager and Skullclamp sounds ridiculously good.

Stoneforge Mystic with Batterskull sounds good.

Could those be the same deck? Maybe!

Storm is obviously turn 3 or better.

Jace TMS highly relevant.

You probably can't beat Dredge with Grave Troll, Imp, Bridge and Dread Return unless you are packing the right amount of hate. Somewhat light on enablers but Faithless Looting and Hedron Crab might be good enough? Maybe Mental Misstep makes this plan worse than I think.

Perhaps we should play the tourney?

Is Jace as relevant with the incredible spreed of storm/affinity/dredge, though?

If you want to try it some time, I'd probably give it a spin!

i'd probably build a KCI clamp deck. p sure you win on turn 2 or 3 every game unless they have more missteps than you

edit: or if they have some insane SteelSabotage/Misstep/Annul package lol

i'd play robs deck

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