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Magic: the Gathering in the UK


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Gerry T is playing Traveler's Amulet. In standard. Gulp.

I also love Dan Royde.  I should get up there with my pom poms.

I take it you are there now Tom? Please take lots of pictures of the UK guys and keep us updated on their progress faster than the inevitably glacial official coverage

Having to CTRL-F for "royde" in the official coverage isn't a good sign I guess!  Come on dude!

.... wow England are bad at magic....

I'm supporting China!!! :P

Sorry dudes I didn't do much "coverage" today despite birding a bunch of the matches because I felt weird tweeting things like "Richard Bland back from 1-3 to 3-3 wooooooo" about guys that I don't know very well.  If an English player goes on a tear I'll get on teh Twitter.

I did enjoy watching Patrick Chapin play Olivia Voldaren in Constructed, although I watched his defeat by Craig Wescoe that took about 8 seconds and that was sad.




I can't believe the Channel Fireball crew played Tempered Steel.


I know. Seems insane.

Thomas David Baker said:

I can't believe the Channel Fireball crew played Tempered Steel.


well, Royde SHOULD have been playing GR, so that was good for him right :P

How any draws is Dan on?

9 points, so 2 wins, 1 loss, 3 draws

Paul Hodgson said:

How any draws is Dan on?

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