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Magic: the Gathering in the UK


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Richard made it, beating Raphael Levy in a win-and-in in the final round of Modern.  The boy is good.


There might have been a number of embarrassing punts in the team rounds. Possibly while both Ed and I were piloting the deck... :S

So happy for the rest of the team, and frustrated to miss out on tiebreakers.


Only lame thing- Eduardo didn't get his 4 points, so doesn't make the train :'(

Peter Dun said:

stacked t8, won my own fantasy draft in China due to having royde + mihara as my 5th and 6th picks... and SO close to getting the dream US vs. Japan team finals. A very good goodbye to worlds. Shame that:

a) UK lost EVERY team round except to ireland

b) Team UK is just terrible except for Royde :P

what did you all play?

Miss out on what sorry Dan?

That's quite the top 8, may even watch the webcast this year! Rich can definitely take it down, good luck!

holy shit that is a stacked top8

Cash- I was 78th, cash goes to 75th. Some money would be nice, but also I'd like to have "cashed". 


Dan Barrett said:

Miss out on what sorry Dan?

Bland advances to the semi-finals!


Oh my god, Bland might win Worlds!

He's in the final!

only 1 match away!!!!!  Final now!  Com'on!

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