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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Date: Saturday 31st March - 12 noon

Where: Penderel's Oak - High Holborn



* Each participator designs 45 Magic cards in Magic Set Editor format

* Send finished cards to

* We print them all out, sleeve them up, and shuffle into boosters

* Draft and enjoy!


Although there was only four of us who did this last time, many onlookers expressed their interest in being part of the next one.


Threads from previous instances:

You Make the Draft I - Initial thread 

You Make the Draft I - Preliminaries

You Make the Draft I - Aftermath (includes link to visual spoiler of all created cards)

You Make the Draft II - Initial thread

You Make the Draft III - Initial thread

You Make the Draft III - Aftermath (includes link to MSE file)


Things we learnt from the previous attempts and loose rules:

  • No planeswalkers. Having 8 untested planeswalkers in a draft can be pretty lopsided, especially as people tend not to design simple answer cards as they are dull
  • Super power mythic bombs - try and limit yourself to 1, if you desperately need more, let us know and we can try and accommodate them
  • Cards must have art (designer secret - finding lots of art first inspires lots of ideas for cards!) (DeviantArt is a pretty good resource)
  • Designing heavily linear/parasitic cards, as your 45, that all interact with each other is not really going to work if we get 360 cards total. If you want to do something like this then let everyone know so they can either support your theme or veto it mercilessly
  • Having a theme or design goal would be a great way to help tie different peoples 45 cards together. If you have any suggestions please post them


EDIT: We have chosen "land matters" as a theme, so try and include a smattering of cards that interact with lands in some way.

People who have expressed interest so far:

  1. Simon
  2. Tom Baker
  3. Kieran 
  4. Glenn
  5. Andy
  6. Dan
  7. Charlie
  8. Phil
  9. Rebecca

EDIT: Design Skeleton file here: YmtSet.mse-set

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do not google image search for anthropomorphic frogs, at least not with safesearch off...

OK, I have red cards and bunch of Wizards across all colors that are so amazing that I feel I should keep some of them under wraps til next time.  I am also over 45 by now.  I'll print the lot and put 45 in the "if there are enough cards" pile and the rest in the backup pille.

I don't completely hate my red cards but red really is the worst color, isn't it?

So true.

Plus it is hard to make red cards, as they are generally either really dull or totally random. When we did this last time, no one drafted red until the very last draft.

Definitely up for this ! and will make it this time ! As for the land matters theme was thinking of making the enemy coloured man lands possibly and will try to stick to 1-3 of the enemy coloured mythic titans, though would that mean most of my cards would end up being land searches or dreaded vivid lands...

found lots of art so am off to make red awesome (cough)

Shall I try and make some LD then to make sure they don't get out of hand?

Also, am I making 45 colour-balanced cards or uneven somehow

I have 2 semi-conditional land destruction cards made, but they were in the last set, so might go for something new.

If you want to make colour balanced then go for it. I'm happy to pick up the slack for Tom's unbalanced batch. I'm guessing a standard 45 is something like:

7 of each colour (35)

5 multicolour

3 Artifact

2 Land

But you could mix up those last 10, if you wanted to do many multi's or artifacts.

There is a light sprinkling of LD in mine and one land.

Made a start earlier. My cards will exclusively be using the "land matters" theme, and care about:

- lands being played

- you controlling many differently named lands

- you controlling lots of the same basic land

- in one case: you controlling no lands!

amongst other things, so anything that interacts with these would be cool. I'll have a colour-balanced (roughly) 45, but may need to get one of you guys to print them out as I probably can't get away with it at work.

So looking for a bit of development/rules advice here. I'm trying to make a land that uses landfall, but it seems hard to balance. Also does a land with Landfall automatically trigger it's own Landfall when you play it?

Thoughts on these:

What about: CIPT, doesn't untap during your untap step as usual. T: BB. landfall - untaps.

Also, please don't print any armaggeddons in this set as it will make one of my cards busted (win the game if you control no lands). However, some things that allow you to return lands from play to your hand would be appreciated so there's a chance of it triggering sometime.

Mmm, seems decent. Still not sure if playing a land with Landfall will automatically trigger its own ability.

Also I have a few cards that return or sacrifice lands.

Dan Barrett said:

What about: CIPT, doesn't untap during your untap step as usual. T: BB. landfall - untaps.

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