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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Date: Saturday 31st March - 12 noon

Where: Penderel's Oak - High Holborn



* Each participator designs 45 Magic cards in Magic Set Editor format

* Send finished cards to

* We print them all out, sleeve them up, and shuffle into boosters

* Draft and enjoy!


Although there was only four of us who did this last time, many onlookers expressed their interest in being part of the next one.


Threads from previous instances:

You Make the Draft I - Initial thread 

You Make the Draft I - Preliminaries

You Make the Draft I - Aftermath (includes link to visual spoiler of all created cards)

You Make the Draft II - Initial thread

You Make the Draft III - Initial thread

You Make the Draft III - Aftermath (includes link to MSE file)


Things we learnt from the previous attempts and loose rules:

  • No planeswalkers. Having 8 untested planeswalkers in a draft can be pretty lopsided, especially as people tend not to design simple answer cards as they are dull
  • Super power mythic bombs - try and limit yourself to 1, if you desperately need more, let us know and we can try and accommodate them
  • Cards must have art (designer secret - finding lots of art first inspires lots of ideas for cards!) (DeviantArt is a pretty good resource)
  • Designing heavily linear/parasitic cards, as your 45, that all interact with each other is not really going to work if we get 360 cards total. If you want to do something like this then let everyone know so they can either support your theme or veto it mercilessly
  • Having a theme or design goal would be a great way to help tie different peoples 45 cards together. If you have any suggestions please post them


EDIT: We have chosen "land matters" as a theme, so try and include a smattering of cards that interact with lands in some way.

People who have expressed interest so far:

  1. Simon
  2. Tom Baker
  3. Kieran 
  4. Glenn
  5. Andy
  6. Dan
  7. Charlie
  8. Phil
  9. Rebecca

EDIT: Design Skeleton file here: YmtSet.mse-set

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I will post tomorrow how many I have. Sorry for being a bit useless; I hadnt figured going to spend the last 3 days with my gf into how much time I had to make cards

I can probably knock off a few more - If Mills is going to be playing we might need an extra 45 anyway.

I'm up to about 70 I'm sure it's fine however many people bring.  Mills will bring the cards from last time and we can add however many of those we need.  You may have seen my other post suggesting anyone who wants to turn up.  I think the more the merrier and we'll work out the details when we are there on the ground.  Everyone knows 8 man drafts, etc. are much better than smaller even if we have to do a little juggling.  There's loads of options.

Yeah, even if we have just 7 players worth of created cards we can easily just run 13 card boosters to allow maximum players, plus as Tom says we have the cards from last time, we can vote some of them in if required.

is it still about 12ish at the pendrall

Yes, aiming for noon start, so we can cut and sleeve all the cards as stragglers arrive.

Hey Charlie,

Did you get the card files I sent over okay?

Just want to know in case I have to arrange printing them somehow.

I have the cards. I need to work out how to print things from my laptop to the printer (as the computer attatched to the printer is a mac without mse) but im 99% sure it can be done.

is anyone able to host a visual spoiler of the whole lot? Would be ace to be able to browse through

I don't think any one person has the whole set yet. Have to retain some suspense :-)

After we are done on Saturday, and if everyone sends their cards to Tom or I we can hopefully upload them as a visual spoiler.

Paul Hodgson said:

is anyone able to host a visual spoiler of the whole lot? Would be ace to be able to browse through

Simon, one of your cards (mountain horde) is missing a power and toughness. I'll make it a 4/4 unless you let me know otherwise before I print (in about 20 mins)

But actually it's a 2/8.

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