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After a little informal discussion I think it's time for You Make the Set 7.

We've done this a few times before. As always anyone is welcome to contribute as much or as little as they'd like.

Saturday October 12th looks like the date for the official draft to me as there is no TGC event and it's before I am off to the US.

I'm a little vague on exactly what You Make the Set means this time around. Here are some options.

  1. Invent some cards, send them to me, I'll print the lot, we show up on October 12th having not really seen each others designs and having not tested and we draft them.
  2. Design a set on Multiverse with a little editing and feedback and tweaking and set mechanics. With a deadline of three weeks it will necessarily be a little rough but something less free-for-all than (1).
  3. Bring together classic Magic cards with some (how many?) new designs of our own to make a sweet set to draft. Evoke meets Landfall meets Blind Seer.

    Additionally, if we are having a theme, I'm not sure which theme we like out of:

    1. Whatever you like/no theme.
    2. Wedges.
    3. Lands.
    4. Top-down Egyptian theme with Sphinxes, Pyramids, Mummies, Jackal-headed creatures, etc.
    5. Some other theme I haven't thought of

    I'm inclined to go with 2 (multiverse) and D (Egyptian) or maybe 3 (classic cards) and C (lands) but what do you think?

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I have about 215 cards right now. Looking for mse-set files in my inbox whenever you have them dudes.

I sent mine this morning. You got them okay?

Thomas David Baker said:

I have about 215 cards right now. Looking for mse-set files in my inbox whenever you have them dudes.

How do I generate the card file? Got W, R, G and most of U done so far

Yep, 215 from Me, Kieran and Simon.

Cards as a Magic Set Editor file please.

OSX version?

Doesn't exist.

But I know Tom has a Mac and uses this, guessing he has Parallels or some VMware he can run it on.

Paul Hodgson said:

OSX version?

Got a VM on my work mac now, so should hopefully be able to use it ok

Whats the latest time I can get them in? Have been more busy than anticipated and still have some cards to make and art to find. 

Soon as possible! I will try to hold off printing anything til I get them all so I can get correct set numbers but if it has to be later I can always print yours separately. Tonight, though, please! :)

I should have mine all made soon, only got 1 piece of art though so can tell you numbers and then get art later on?

I've got 17 per colour & 5 lands & 5 artifacts (95 total...)

Complete submissions only please!

Getting art now, it's quite fun!

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