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Black Lotus
Burning Inquiry
Calciform Pools
Chancellor of the Annex
Crucible of Worlds
Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn
Ensnaring Bridge
Force of Will
Gitaxian Probe
Hickory Woodlot
Laboratory Maniac
Leyline of Sanctity
Mishra's Factory
Mishra's Workshop
Scalding Tongs
Volcanic Island


Name P W D L F A P
Simon 31 22 3 6 45 13 69 ★★
Tom 31 19 6 6 40 14 63 ★★
Louis 31 11 8 12 24 27 41
Thom 25 10 6 9 22 20 36 ★
Kieran 31 9 7 15 19 30 34
Phil 14 10 2 2 21 5 32 ★
Charlie 14 7 2 5 14 10 23
Levi 20 3 6 11 8 24 15
Ross 31 2 2 27 4 54 8

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you're all going down

i think i might put talon trooper in my next deck

Talon Trooper is actually really important for metagame considerations! But what will you do when you win a round?

ross miles said:

i think i might put talon trooper in my next deck

submitted! i'm trying to next-next-level this metagame.


Lightning Bolt

Saprazzan Skerry

Talon Trooper


Philip Dickinson said:

submitted! i'm trying to next-next-level this metagame.

I'm going to play a deck that would have won 4 of the 5 rounds so far.  I bet it does terribly.

OK this has obviously got too complicated for my little brain.  LOTS of checks needed here ...

Mox Jet
Strip Mine
Mental Misstep

Leyline of Anticipation
Mox Jet
Cabal Therapy

Strip Mine
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
Blinkmoth Nexus

Misthollow Griffin
Saprazzan Cove

Saprazzan Skerry
Mox Pearl
Path to Exile
Talon Trooper

Undiscovered Paradise
Stormscape Apprentice
Cabal Therapy
Mental Misstep

The Tabernacle and Pendrell Vale
Grove of the Burnwillows
Punishing Fire
Dwarven Hold

Leyline of Anticipation
Lion's Eye Diamond
Violent Eruption
Ulamog, the Infinite Gryre

Charlie 2 - 0 Tom
Charlie can Misstep Therapy, resolve Bitterblossom and outrace Chronomaton.

Charlie 0 - 2 Thom
Charlie can only keep one token alive through Strip Mine and Tabernacle. Not good enough to kill versus Mutavault on the other side.

Charlie 0 - 0 Simon
Strip Mine means Griffin never comes to play. Bitterblossom wins.

Charlie 2 - 0 Ross
Strip Mine means Talon Trooper cannot resolve. Bitterblossom wins through Path.

Charlie 1 - 1 Phil
On the play Phil can Therapy Mox Jet (Misstep your Misstep) then resolve Apprentice before losing Paradise to Strip Mine. The 1/1 beats down.
On the draw Charlie resolves Bitterblossom which outraces Apprentice.

Charlie 2 - 0 Louis
Strip Mine on Grove means that Punishing Fire cannot be recurred but Tabernacle makes that an ineffective plan.
Strip Mine on Tabernacle lets Louis pick off tokens. But not fast enough?

Charlie 0 - 2 Kieran
Kieran's plan does not rely on lands. Violent Eruption can kill 4 tokens where necessary or go to the face where not. So Kieran wins?

Tom 0 - 2 Thom
Chronomaton can never get bigger than 1/1 because of Tabernacle. Nothing to Therapy. Mutavault wins the race.

Tom 0 - 0 Simon
Therapy naming Griffin cannot be Commandeered otherwise Chronomaton outraces Griffin. So Griffin is discarded, Chronomaton is Apathy-ed. And nothing happens.

Tom 2 - 0 Ross
Cabal Therapy taking Path to Exile. Win the race with a charged up Chronomaton.

Tom 0 - 2 Phil
Phil Mental Missteps the first Cabal Therapy then Cabal Therapy Chronomaton and win with Apprentice.
Or he Mental Missteps the Chronomaton and makes Apprentice.
Either way Phil wins.

Tom 0 - 2 Louis
Therapy can only take Punishing Fire. Chronomaton cannot survive Punishing Fire. Louis wins.

Tom 0 - 0 Kieran
A bizarre mess. But neither player has a path to victory that I can see.

Thom 2 - 0 Simon
Strip Mine prevents Griffin ever being cast. Mutavault or Blinkmoth beatdown.

Thom 0 - 0 Ross
If Talon Trooper resolves Ross wins. Strip Mine can prevent Talon Trooper ever resolving. Path to Exile effectively kills both creatures.

Thom 2 - 0 Phil
Strip Mine + Tabernacle means Phil only gets to resolve one thing and that thing can't be Apprentice. Cabal Therapy has no targets. Manland beatdown.

Thom 2 - 0 Louis
Strip Mine on Dwarven Hold means Louis can never cast Punishing Fire.

Thom 0 - 0 Kieran

Thom can't just make manlands while Kieran has a full grip otherwise he loses. Kieran can't get through his library fast enough to race so he has to hold up his combo for manland activation. Stalemate.

Simon 2 - 0 Ross
Simon can Apathy Talon Trooper and doesn't care about Path to Exile on Misthollow Griffin

Simon 0 - 0 Phil
Misstep hits Apathy. Therapy is useless. Apprentice can tap down Griffin forever but can't get out ahead of it to win. I think.

Simon 0 - 2 Louis
Louis can double-Punishing Fire the Griffin long before it kills him. I think.

Simon 0 - 0 Kieran
Simon can never cast Griffin without giving me an opportunity to kill it, but if he doesn't Kieran can never cast LED without letting him Commandeer it. So they sit there doing nothing forever.

Ross 0 - 2 Phil
Therapy Trooper. Misstep Path. Win with Apprentice.

Ross 0 - 2 Louis
Louis can double-Punishing Fire Talon Trooper and win at his leisure.

Ross 0 - 2 Kieran
Violent Eruption kills Talon Trooper and then Ross.

Phil 0 - 2 Louis
Recurring Punishing Fire takes it down.

Phil 0 - 2 Kieran
Phil can't ever successfully Therapy anything. There's nothing to Misstep. Eruption kills Apprentice.

Louis 0 - 2 Kieran
Kieran does 4 damage on turn 1 then 4 more damage every 3 turns. So he kills on turn 13. Louis does net 1 damage per turn? So Kieran wins?

I think Kieran won but I could be way off ...

Kieran 17
Thom 17
Louis 12
Charlie 13
Phil 8
Simon 5
Tom 5
Ross 1

I think I beat you? You make mox, cast therapy (misstepped) then I win with blossom on play or the draw

Yes you are right Charlie.  Will change.


I think you might be misplaying with Commandeer. It gains control of the spell, so Simon can take the key card from his opponent and if it's a permanent put it into play. He definitely beats me since he can Commandeer my LED so I can never make any mana.

Oh, I thought it had to have a target or targets to be valid.  All of Simon's results are probably wrong then :)


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