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Is Nighthawk The Pick?

Recently, I’ve been loving grading the online drafts on (it’s a great site – good work Ben!), but something keeps happe…

Started by Kieran Symington

12 Feb 25, 2010
Reply by ross miles


whats all this shouldn't draft green in zendkar nonsense. do we agree?

Started by ross miles

16 Oct 28, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

zendikakakaka drafting

early thoughts? good decks, bad decks? seems to me that all the colours have something going for them.

Started by ross miles

26 Oct 8, 2009
Reply by ross miles

Old boxes

I have come across some old sealed boxes of boosters. Would anyone be interested in drafting them? I have Fallen Empires or Stronghold...…

Started by Philip Rogers

19 Sep 14, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

SPOILER Goodbye Faeries, hello Storm hosing

Mindbreak Trap 2UU Instant - Trap If an opponent cast three or more spells this turn, you may pay [0] rather than pay Mindbreak Trap's mana…

Started by The Games Club

5 Sep 11, 2009
Reply by Amar Dattani

M10 drafting

been out of the loop for a while! what's people's take on how to draft m10 stuff. word.

Started by ross miles

19 Aug 23, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Custom set

On the plane of ~, mana is split into 5 factions, one of each colour. Mages of each faction have started to secretly delve into enemy colou…

Started by Amidu

58 Jul 3, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Ethersworn Shieldmage

Is he nuts, or isn't he? And if he is, why aren't you picking him higher?

Started by Thomas David Baker

24 Jun 23, 2009
Reply by Gary Lynch

Time Spiral Block Draft?

I was looking at what sets it was possible to get cheap(er) boxes of. Those guys that come to the big events now along with Mike do TSP blo…

Started by Thomas David Baker

22 Jun 13, 2009
Reply by Amidu

Influence of PT Honolulu on Draft

Do you think it will have any? I mean, people who are really going into a draft, forcing w/u aggro or esper whatever. Sebastian Thaler firs…

Started by Florian Esser

5 Jun 12, 2009
Reply by Mark Walker


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